Storyline Detailed Report Of Team FSW VS. Team IWT + Post Match

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  1. As the brawl breaks out between both teams, the crowd is split with wild "IWT, FSW!" chants taking over the whole arena. Everyone is brawling on the outside except Midas and Alias, who are exchanging stiff shots. Midas takes the upper hand when he spin kicks Alias in the gut. Midas irish whips Alias, leapfrogs, but gets met with a LARIAT from Alias when he turns around, which turns him inside out, rolling out to the outside. As all the teams group up on the outside, Alias runs the ropes and HITS A SWAN DIVE TO ALL MEN ON THE OUTSIDE, EVEN TRIP!!!! THE CROWD GOES WILD! Ringside is covered with bodies! And this is just the start.

    Alias and Midas beat the count at 8, and roll back in....

    1ST ELIMINATION (open)
    Marcus Anthony and Mailman are the legal men. Marcus Anthony is clubbing Mailman with left and rights until Mailman ducks one, but as he turns around, he's met with a brutal headbutt from Marcus Anthony, who just smirks as Trip laughs from the commentary table, admiring the damage his former partner is inflicting on Mailman. Marcus lifts Mailman up on his soldiers, but Mailman manages to wrap his legs around Marcus' arms, and roll him up in a Crucifix Pin/La Magistral. 1...2.....KICK OUT. Marcus kicks out and instantly gets up, charging at Mailman into the corner, hitting constant shoulder blocks. He then starts stomping on Mailman who's now lifeless in the corner. Marcus won't STOP, and won't listen to the referee's orders, so the ref has no choice but to DQ HIM! MARCUS ANTHONY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Instead of getting angry, Marcus just simply exits the ring, smiling at an incensed Trip who's raging on commentary.

    2ND ELIMINATION (open)
    As Marcus walks up the ramp, Aids makes himself the legal man and quickly picks up the idle Mailman, and hits an AIDSBUSTER (brainbuster)! 1...2...3! MAILMAN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Aids looks on, seemingly proud of himself after eliminating a clearly unconscious man, as Team FSW look on in disgust and the crowd boo. Aids begins to taunt and make a fool of himself around the ring until Solidus enters the ring and hits a brutal Big Boot to the back of Aids' head....1.....2....kick out. The match continues.

    3RD ELIMINATION (open)
    Draven and Solidus are now the legal men. Solidus irish whips him into the corner and hits a big Splash, then hitting a Sidewalk Slam! 1...2..kick out. Solidus looks frustrated but decides to tag in Christian. Christian stalks Draven, and sets him up for Killswitch, but when he's about to hit it, Draven escapes and hits a Bridging German Suplex! 1....2....KICK OUT! Both men get out at the same time, Christian runs towards Draven for the spear....but Draven rolls him up...1...2....KICK OUT AGAIN! Draven looks on in disbelief. Christian gets up super quickly though and connects with a BRUTAL KNEE to Draven's head. He takes a run for the Spear again, but when he does, Draven catches him and puts him on his shoulders, and hits a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER INTO THE CORNER! JWAB TAGS HIMSELF IN, SHINING WIZARD! AIDS TAGS HIMSELF IN! AIDSBUSTER AGAIN! AIDS QUICKLY COVERS CHRISTIAN! 1....2....3! Aids has stolen the pin and gets his second elimination of the night! It is 4-3 to Team IWT.

    4TH ELIMINATION (open)
    Aids runs around the ring again, looking estatic, but before he knows it, he's struck by a SPEAR FROM CHRISTIAN, who's had time to get back up. Christian exits the ring, Kaizer is now the legal man. He runs over to Aids....1......2.....3!!!! CHRIS KAIZER HAS PINNED AIDS JOHNSON! KAIZER CAN'T BELIEVE IT! THE AIDS JOHNSON GUY HAS PINNED AIDS JOHNSON!! THE CROWD IS GOING MENTAL! 3-3

    5TH ELIMINATION (open)
    DRAVEN, MIDAS AND JWAB NOW RUN IN AND ATTACK KAIZER. ALIAS AND SOLIDUS RUN IN TOO TO HELP HIM. THIS IS MAYHEM. The teams are brawling once again! Alias takes out Jwab with a DISCUS LARIAT! Midas takes out Alias with a BRUTAL SUPERKICK! SOLIDUS CHOKESLAMS STOP! Now, Draven picks up Solidus on his shoulders, looking to DVD him in the corner again! But wait....WHAT! Aids Johnson KICKS SEABS IN THE BALLS JUST LIKE SEABS DID EARLIER! Draven goes down on one knee, and Solidus chokebombs him! Kaizer crawls over and takes the pin. 1.....2.....3! DRAVEN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! 3-2 to TEAM FSW!

    6TH ELIMINATION (open)
    It is now Alias, Solidus and Kaizer vs. Midas and Jwab. All men are down on the mat. Absolute chaos. Jwab gets up first, and stomps Alias out of the ring, and clotheslines Solidus out of it. Jwab picks up Kaizer, and they stare at eachother for a while as the rowdy crowd cheer on. Jwab looks like he's about to hit him, but simply smirks, and walks to the apron. Kaizer heads towards him to hit him, but OUT OF NOWHERE MIDAS GRABS KAIZER'S ARM AND LOCKS HIM IN THE COBRA CLUTCH! HE HAS HIM! MONEYMAKER (cobra clutch backbreaker)!!!! Midas pins Kaizer. 1....2....3!

    7TH ELIMINATION (open)
    It has now gone down to Solidus and Alias vs. Midas and Jwab. Alias gingerly crawls back to the inside of the ring. Midas stares down at Alias with a smirk on his face, and is about to hit Alias, but Alias grabs the referee and pushes him towards Midas, who collides with Jwab on the apron, knocking all 3 men out. Alias picks up Midas, and sets him up for the Psycho Driver, but all of the sudden, TRIP RUNS IN AND SMASHES ALIAS WITH A STEEL CHAIR! THEN SOLIDUS! Trip then grabs Alias' head and puts it inbetween the chair, calling for Midas to double stomp him from the top rope. Midas slowly climbs the turnbuckle, but suddenly....

    Show Spoiler

    WHAT!? DAT KID'S MUSIC HITS AND THE CROWD GOES INSANE! TRIP CANNOT BELIEVE IT! KID RUNS DOWN TO THE RING WITH HIS OWN STEEL CHAIR AND SMASHES TRIP WITH IT! KID IS ON FIRE! But he can't see Midas on the top rope! Midas finally gets to the top and DROPKICKS THE STEEL CHAIR INTO KID'S SKULL FROM THE TOP ROPE! KID IS DOWN! Midas laughs at Kid, but little does he know that Alias is behind him, with the steel chair they planned on double foot stomping him through. Midas turns around....STEEL CHAIR SHOT FROM ALIAS! Alias crawls over.....but the ref is still down! All of the sudden....JONATHAN COMES RUNNING DOWN (admittedly, taking longer as he's a big boy), and starts shouting at Alias from the apron. Alias grins, grabs the steel chair, AND HITS JONATHAN WITH IT! Alias turns his attention back to Midas! COBRA CLUTCH BACKBREAKER! ALIAS HAS STOLEN MIDAS' FINISHER! The ref comes back in.....1....2.....3!!!!!!!! MIDAS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. ABSOLUTE CARNAGE IN AND OUT OF THIS RING!

    8TH ELIMINATION (open)

    9TH ELIMINATION (open)
    Alias cannot believe his eyes, he exits the ring, but still intensely staring into Jwab, he just realized he's an elimination away from his career ending. Jwab laughs at Alias and sets up Solidus for the Jwabtista Bomb. But WHAT THE HELL....

    Show Spoiler

    THE ARENA GOES DIM AND THE MYSTERY VIGNETTE STARTS PLAYING, SCENES! When it's done, Jwab looks confusedly at the titantron, not sure what to think of that clip. Jwab turns around, to be met with a CHOKESLAM FROM SOLIDUS! 1....2....3!!!!!!! ITS FUCKING OVER! TEAM FSW WINS!!!!!!!

    POST-MATCH (open)
    Alias runs in, and gives Solidus a HUGE hug. They both get up and raise eachothers hands! Alias is wiping the tears from his eyes and goes down on one knee. Solidus backs up against the corner and claps his hands. The camera now gives a shot of all the men laying down on the inside and outside of the ring. Midas, Jwab, Kid, Jonathan, Trip, etc. all down. Alias grabs a mic.

    ALIAS: I cannot put into words just how emotional I am right now. What this means to me, dammit. You may not love me for jumping ship. But it was all for this! To taste victory over Trip, over Jono. To prove that I can risk it all and WIN! I DID IT! No...WE DID IT! TEAM FUCKING FSW! This'll stick out in my mind forever. THANK YOU ALL!

    *The crowd begin to chant A-LI-AS! as he poses with Solidus. Suddenly, Kid gets up and walks over to Alias, shaking his hand. The show ends with Alias, Kid and Solidus raising eachothers arms.*

    OOC: Hey, sorry for the length of this, I just thought it was necessary for such a big match. You may find this WAY overbooked, but I had tons of fun writing this, and took my pretty long. Hope you have tons of fun reading this. Cheers.​
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  2. That was bloldy brilliant.
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  3. Beat me? If I was in the match you'd be leaving on a stretcher :4/10:
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  6. I've heard jonathans is hard as fuck
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  8. Awesome job THG.
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  9. I got screwed over... I'll never get to use the lone survivor line now.
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  10. Good stuff, sick ending and post match.
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  11. 2 eliminations, 3 if you count Draven :boss1:
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  12. wanted you to be THAT guy who steals the eliminations.
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  13. After Match: [​IMG] when Jwab notices that he put his career on the line just for a shot at the IWT champ.
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  14. lmfao search for brad maddox cries and got this instead.
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  15. Ice my balls Aid
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  16. With pleasure. :stopspot:
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  17. I would've eliminated you if it wasn't for me being Sting'd.
  18. dude win a match for once fag

    great job thg
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