Dexx dugans secret tag team partner at uprising

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  1. *Duke Nukem walks down to the ring to his normal pyro*

    So I believe everyone wants to know who that person is......look no further its me the natural born champion of the world duuuuuuke nukem!

    How did me and dexx get on the same page you ask? well it is quite simple everyone else round here seems to be in little cliques and while in one on one competition we are two of the best we cannot fight four or five different guys at once on our own but if we have each others backs we can.

    You guys in the crusade think you are better than the cure but in reality you are just the same thing you another stable trying to take over the company you are know better then the cure in fact you may even be worse as the original is always the best.

    We are here to win that 1# contender match firstly and end your pointless crusade and then we are going to take those punks from the cures titles and stop these cowardice number games that no one wants to see.

    After we have done all of that we will get on with our singles careers and then with a bit of luck maybe me and dexx will be headlining Wrestlemania next april.

    FUCK THE CLIQUES! *croud cheers*
  2. *Jacob is shown on the tron*

    Stop it. You don't know anything about the Crusade. We aren't a stable who is looking to take over this company. We want to put an end to the Cure and bring back the old days where everyone had a chance to prove themselves and get a title shot and where the winner isn't determined because of who has the biggest amount of people supporting them.

    (OOC: Short promo because I don't feel like making a long promo + it's hard to write a long promo on the phone)
  3. *Duke looks towards the tron*
    So what you are telling me is if you guys got all the gold between you you are just going to stop there?
    There is not a person in the world who believes that your just like the american government saying your fighting for freedom when really you are just doing it for your own selfish gain to line your own pockets with money and put gold round your waists at least me and dexx have the balls to admit that you guys are just self righteous ass holes and that in my opinion is just like the cure.

    Bring it the fuck on all of you with that crazy australian and me on the same page there is not a team or person here who can stop us and after we win the number 1 contenders match im going to stand over you look you dead in the eyes and say FUCK YOUR CLIQUE.

    And any other cliques start happening we are coming for your money, your women and last but not least your pride.

  4. *Duggan comes on down to join his partner*
    Dexx: What did I tell ya Cure mates? Thank you Duke. I know Crusade, it it funny mates, but everything Duke said is true, sometimes we gotta team up to take on the numbers mate, we did that in The Outback... we sure as fucking hell can do it here! Jacob... what did you just say mate, bring us back to the good old days where everyone had a chance to prove themselves, no more factions with people supporting the other guy. All BS to you, you created your own faction you got 2 guys backing you up yourself! The Crusade is just another group going after all the gold. At Uprising, me and Nukem are gonna do one thing that no other tag team can do and that is top The Crusade and The Cure in the matter of one month. We will take your money, your *looks at duke* You said women mate? *Raises eybrows, ladies scream* Your women! and yes of course most of all YOUR FUCKIN PRIDE and if me and Nukem did not make it clear mates, I guess we will show you by our fists!
  5. Is that a threat what I just heard? Really? You don't know what to say and you keep using the exact same thing your partner said and you start threatening me? You are completely wrong. You came here a few time ago so I think you can't remember what's the main purpose of the Crusade. As I said before, the Crusade only wants to eradicate the Cure and bring back the old days. Do you want to step into this very ring and start talking about what you don't know? Go ahead and do it, that doesn't make you look badass. Nevermind, see you in the ring. Hope the best wins.

    *Jacob leaves the arena*
  6. Man I suck at this
  7. Yeah, you aren't good at talking in person you're not good at making promos on the internet :D
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  8. If you need help, just PM me. I'm not an awesome promo maker, but I can give you some tips.
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  9. Don't be disheartened if you are enjoying yourself continue with it at the end of the day you are hear to have fun it doesn't have to be all serious.
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  10. DX2006: Hey man, just wanted to say sorry for pointing out you revealed your partner early before. Would have been a cool surprise at Uprising.

    I should of just kept quiet after noticing it. I like the way you guys handled it here though.
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  11. N
    No worries