Dexx Duggan returns

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  1. *A black jeep pulls up to the arena*
    King: Hey wait a minute!
    *Duggan comes out of the jeep, he's wearing sunglasses a leather jacket and jeans, he got a hair cut. He walks into the arena*
    JR: That's Duggan!
    *Dexx goes into the stage entrance, there is actually a couple of Dexx chants in the crowd*
    *Long pause*

    *Couple cheers, Duggan walk out, stops on the ramp and looks around, then continues walking,enters the ring,grabs mic, music cuts off*
    Dexx: *Remains silent for a bit* ... ... ... ... ... Hello there mates...*few cheers* ... ... ... now most of you probably forgotten who I am, I haven't been around in a while. My name is Dexx Duggan. Now if you do remember me then you are wondering whats been going on the last few months, well I needed time off the rethink everything over with how things went with me in the IWT. I see a lot has changed in the past month and I haven't really gotten back up to speed yet with what is happening, you see when I left I felt like I was nothing but garbage, I immediatley targeted these 2 very experienced veterans with this man by the name of Duke Nukem and I thought we had a chance... ... ... and I sounded like a combo of Jack Swagger and Zack Ryder. So then I left and began thinking why should I keep going, what do I have that these guys don't? Then I went home to Australia, thinking about everything, spent time with my family and my girl friend to try and feel better. Then one day I was spending time with my nephew, Nicholas, he's like 5 years old and he said, "Uncle? Why aren't you going back to Wrestling? What happened to the dream you had, the promise you made to me saying you'll one day be the world champion?" I looked and said "I think I was just dreaming." Then he said "Well if It was a dream I believe it can come true, you aren't trying hard enough". Then that's when I knew he was right, I just gave up after a month, I let myself down too easily! Now I don't know if this run will get anywhere, I know what I did wrong last time, and I know not to make that same mistake again. I also don't know when or if i'll be world champ someday but I made a promise to my nephew that one day it will happen! Even if it's 5 years from now I need to keep that promise! *Cheers* Nicholas, I love you and I swear I will stay in this industry until I make my dream come true, I promise, I promise to you, my GF and the rest of my family. IWT look out, Duggan is back!
    *Duggan music comes back on and he goes to the top corner rope and gets the crowd pump, that ends the segment*

    OOC: I'll try and be on a little more, I'm still really busy.
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