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  1. The camera cuts to a small doctors office, zooming in on Nick, sitting right in the middle. He is curled up in a ball and rocking back and forth, muttering words to himself. The doctor comes in, a very serious expression on his face. He looks up, and smiles, standing up.

    "So... doc, what you got for me?"

    Doctor: Nick, we've got a lot of news... most of it bad. For starts, you have very bad anger management issues. After some tests and analysis, we've reached the conclusion that you have either multiple personality disorder, or you're just mentally unstable. I mean, you go from a bloodthirsty killer to an alcoholic in the blink of an eye! Not to mention that we heard you mumbling words such as 'blood', 'pain', and freedom. Now, I'm gonna give you a couple of minutes to let you sort of soak this in here.

    Nick sits there, speechless. He looks at the doctor and back to the ground.

    "w-wh-what? Mentally unstable? I can guarantee you that I am perfectly stable."

    Doctor: Now nick, calm down. This is what we were talking about. You're getting angry. Now, were gonna prescribe you some drugs and send you off to the institution of-

    Nick interrupts the doctor and throws him up against the wall.

    "Institution? Institution? Are you kidding me?"

    He locks the doors and goes over to the cabinets. He pulls out a small blade, and goes over to the doctor.

    "I don't need to go anywhere! I lived in asylums my entire life!" as Nick is saying this, he punches the doctor in the gut and then in the face.

    "You see, I don't have a problem with you. It's society I have a problem with. They brand me, label me, and it's false! I don't need an institution, doc. I'm going to change the world, for the better. Doc, you need to be the example. You're going to help me save society. There's a world I dream of where nobody is labeled as crazy. I'm going to make this world come to reality. I dot want people to live the life I was forced to live. I'm here to change it all! My people will follow me, I will be their leader. I will save them from the hell they've been forced to live on known as earth, and lead them to freedom! Doc, I will not be ignored. I can't STAND being ignored. Nobody's gonna ignore me now!"

    Nick begins cutting the doctor with the razor blade, making small incisions all across his body. The doctor screams, and the nurses come to the door, but can't get in. Nick laughs and blows a kiss to one of them. They pain and call the cops. He reaches into the doctors pocket and pulls out his cell phone. He sets it up for a video, and begins speaking.

    "IWT universe... look around! This is going to be the beginning of a new world. This is going to be the revolution! And I will lead it. I'm coming, one of these days, and nobody's gonna stop me. I am the answer to your prayers, the savior you need... all I need you to do... is trust me."

    He moves out of the way to reveal the doctor, bloody and unconscious, with writings in blood all over the wall. Saying 'society, savior, trust'. It looks like there are more words but they are written over in thicker blood, saying 'ignored, ignored, never again, I will never be ignored.' The feed cuts out as the police ram the door down and tackle Nick.

    OOC: thought I'd give it one last try with this gimmick, please give me feedback. I need it.
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  2. OOC: anybody? I actually need some feedback because this is my last go with the character? Thoughts? Be honest, cuz idk if I'm playing it that well
  3. OOC: It's pretty good for a psychotic character in my opinion. Reminds me of what the nWo did when they beat somebody, except with a razor
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  4. OOC: I like how you play it, alot, but idk if there's too many psychotic characters in IWT already lol.
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  5. Yeah, I noticed that, which is why I'm trying to. E progress him from the whole psycho deal to him being some "savior".
  6. If you're confident in what you're doing, all the power to you, I'm liking it.