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    With Survivor Series being just 2 weeks away, and the constant barrage of abuse coming from all directions from those goons at D-Generation X, I think it's time to announce my army of soldiers that will go into the ferocious battle 2 weeks from today, and naturally, come out victorious. :steiner:

    You see, my team is made up of stars. Proven competitors that have held and still do hold titles. These are people that compete every night, giving it everything and say FUCK YOU when an obstacle gets in their way, only to knock it down and tea-bag its candy ass.

    My first soldier that will enter the battle, none other than one half of the IWT Tag Team Champions... @THG?! And of course, just like you can't have peanut butter without jelly, you can't have THG without his tag-champ partner, @TheOvalhead! I think you'll all agree that this isn't a a bad way to start :smug:

    The next man is the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in IWT history... @CM Punk! This man knows exactly what it takes to win here in IWT, he held the World Heaveweight Championship longer than any other person here in IWT, over 180 days!

    The fourth man on my team is a true great of IWT. He was the longest reigning champion of any IWT title, losing his title just short of the 1 year mark. This man is a good friend, and a privileged member of the Diamond Coalition. That man is of course, the whore himself, @Senhor Perfect! :senhor:

    And last, but certainly not least, the 5th man, or should that be woman, the current reigning, defending, IWT champion.... @geekgoddess! This woman certainly knows how to kick a mans ass, as she proved at Bound for Glory when she beat Aids Johnson to recapture the IWT title.

    So there you have it, my star-studded team in all its glory. Now, can someone get me a cup of tea? I've been talking to these peasants for long enough.
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  3. star studded team? Pfft i don't see gav the chav in there
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  4. Only a whore for you bby :kiss:
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