Storyline Dick Tripin loses his grip on reality without DX

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    IWT Reporter: So in recent news the new appearance of the DX team has ended abruptly after the members secured their positions in the company. This leaves the lower level DX members with no support as they were not even aware the dissolution of DX before it happened. One member, Dick Tripin, had been...well...."rehabilitated" with the help of his new tag partner Nick. With the disbanding of DX the team of Dick N Nick is no more and Dick is left to himself once again. Today we have Nick here to answer a couple of questions. *Reporter turns to Nick* Nick, what happened here?
    Nick: Beats me. We got the word DX was done so we decided to end the tag team. Haven't seen him since.
    IWT Reporter: Well, how do you think Dick is taking it?
    Nick: I'm a little worried to be honest. He was on the edge when we found him and offered to help, but he was still kind of struggling with his....problems.....last time we saw him.
    IWT Reporter: *looking into the camera* You heard it here folks. Where has Dick Tripin gone? And should we be worried?

    *Scene cuts to a dark cave where a shadowy figure sits on the ground and watches the interview on an old black and white tv.*
    ???: Heh heh heh, where has Dick Tripin gone eh? *A figure cloaked in the shadows stands up and walks over to a large puddle of water in the cave and looks at his reflection in the puddle's surface. As he leans over the puddle we see that the reflection is Dick Tripin's* DICK TRIPIN IS NO MORE!!! *Trip punches the puddle sending water flying everywhere* Only Trip in the Head remains now. I allowed those DX chumps to try and tame my hunger for pain and destruction...and MEAT! And they failed miserably. They failed me and they failed the IWT because now the IWT will once again feel my wrath! *He stands up slowly and walks to a back section of the cave. The light is low, but it looks as if there is someone tied up in this new area of the cave*
    Trip: *Turns around quickly to face the camera before entering the new area* And should the IWT be worried? HA! Why don't you ask him? *as he points at the shadowy figure tied up in the cave then looks back at the camera and leans in close* What do you think? *Trip slams an unseen door shut before the camera can get a closer shot of Trip's captive. Trip can be heard laughing through the door.* Heh heh heh heh heh heh. Ahhhhhh HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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  2. Aw man I loved Dick Tripin...
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  3. Sorry dude, it was kind of the DX version I suppose. Kind of glad to get to explore the original a little more actually