Did Davey Richards Pledge to The Revolution?

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    Accompanied by Manik and “The Great” Sanada, “The Cowboy” James Storm makes his way to the ring; Strom introduces them as “The Revolution.”

    Storm calls out Davey Richards, demanding an answer to his offer. Will Davey Richards join Storm?

    The Wolves emerge. Eddie Edwards begins to answer Storm; Davey Richards takes the microphone. Richards tells Edwards that he can speak for himself.

    Davey Richards says Storm is out of his mind – that he’s a Wolf – and that his answer is no. The Revolution attacks The Wolves!

    James Storm uses a bull rope to lasso Davey Richards’ foot. Storm ties up the rope before smashing a chair across Richards’ leg/ankle! The Revolution leaves the ring; they return carrying a briefcase. Storm takes a shot at Eddie Edwards using the case and then he assaults Richards again.

    Storm says the case is a “Feast or Fired” briefcase that guarantees him a Tag Team Championship match. He cashes in!



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