Did we just have long-term planning and logic in the WWE?

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  1. (Yeah, it's another Bryan love thread. Deal with it. Feel free to move this.)

    The date was November 18, 2012, the day that shook the wrestling world forever, according to Michael Cole. During a triple-threat title match three unknowns from NXT invaded and threw Ryback through a table in vicious fashion. Throughout the next few months these three guys who felt betrayed by the system leaving them down in developmental for so long banded together to take out several top guys by themselves. Ryback. Sheamus. Orton. Big Show. Even John Cena. WWE has drilled into us that all these guys have superhuman strength and they can easily take guys out 1-on-3, but yet they're no match for the combined power of the Shield. Eventually they start banding together and taking these guys on 3-on-3, but even then these superpowers are no match for these three disgruntled anti-heroes from NXT.

    Meanwhile in a separate part of the WWE Universe, Kane and Daniel Bryan are embarking on a 250 day title reign. Fans are eating up this team's bickering and especially loving the goofy man-child like personality of Daniel Bryan, but there was something amiss. Whenever they lost non-title matches, Daniel Bryan was getting pinned. Throughout the majority of their wins, Kane was finishing the opponent. The fans were becoming irritated with Bryan being the "weak link" of the group, while Bryan became more and more irritated by the week... and then he snapped.

    After months and months of pent-up-frustration, Daniel Bryan took out the dominant Shield by himself, something Sheamus, Orton, Ryback, and many others have failed to do. Bryan estabilished himself as a force to be reckoned with, and the crowd couldn't control themselves in excitement. Thi and one of the biggest stars in wrestling in years.

    So, do you think the Shield was really built up over the last few months to make a star out of Daniel Bryan? (And themselves in the process?)

    If so, holy cow. We just saw long-term planning, good booking, and quality writing from WWE for the first time in forever. Applause to you Creative, keep it up.
  2. I think the only thing WWE planned in the long run was to get The Shield over as a trio. There's different ways to push forth the angle with Bryan breaking out and proving he can stand on his own, and The Shield were probably more convenient to use for it than anything (even if they do what I suspect, which is have Bryan responsible for them suffering their first loss as a six man team at Payback.) We saw just how fighting against the monster Ryback really made Bryan look strong as well and got fan support to his side, even after yet another loss to The Shield earlier in the night. If they give us the supposed pre-planned WWE Title match between Bryan and Cena at MITB and have Bryan come dangerously close to taking the title off of Cena, then that will do wonders as well.

    So, I'm not willing to give WWE credit for long-term booking here just yet, though I will credit them for booking The Shield virtually flawless so far.
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  3. Dean Ambrose recently said WWE had planned something like The Shield, but most of it is seemingly improvised. There definitely isn't some long-term plan regarding those three, or wasn't one anyway at the beginning of it, so I highly doubt there is one with them and Daniel. Daniel's push could have been planned though, as he has been consistently one of the most over stars now since the night after Wrestlemania. Not only that, but WWE like safe guys, and he is one of the most reliable safe workers in the company. He is definitely the modern Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit of the WWE, and we know how much those two achieved. It's possible that the weak-link angle getting everyone frustrated to a point of pure relief and satisfaction when he finally comes good is something they have planned for a while.

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  5. Ahh, okay. Almost tagged you since you'd have something really good to say to this one. Knew it was too good to be true but it seems like it could be the case (kinda reminds me of the way Aces and Eights is built up to put over AJ except this is much, much better). Either way it's really good to see that Daniel Bryan's insanely over and WWE acknowledges that and pushes the guy instead of pushing their own agenda as they always do.

    Just amazing how WWE's outdated booking played such a role in all of this. The superbooking of Cena/Sheamus/Everyone else really made Shield look good, and having Bryan eat all these pins seemed like typical wwelogic so watching it actually play a role in something bigger (planned or not) is one hell of a surprise.

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