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Should we try this idea?

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  1. Sure why not

  2. Uh, no

  1. An idea came up about 'reorganizing' how the PPVs go down in IWT and I would like to get your guys opinions as the people who will be competing in said PPVs.

    Basically the idea was to open all match threads on a Monday and leave them open all week, essentially removing the 24 hour promo time limit from the matches. All matches would then be closed on Friday (unless we are asked earlier by the participants) and voting would be over the weekend. The winners announced the following Monday (I assume).

    I know how people like their main events to be on Sunday around here so I thought I would bring it up to all of you. Vote in the poll!
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  2. Sounds a bit too forgiving to me. This just seems to me like a way around people missing their designated days instead of actually enforcing the fact that you signed up to compete on a specific date. And in my opinion the IWT is already too forgiving on that front by allowing extension. I'd much rather that you start enforcing the fact that you snooze, you lose. If I for example miss getting a second promo in (and I have in the past) I wouldn't ask for an extension, because I have no one to blame but myself unless it was something like say my mother dying, and even then I have always just let it roll. I've had serious stuff come up at work and making me miss my second promo but I refused an extension because I missed it.

    If you go through with this, there needs to be a limit to have many promos posted. Because no offense to anyone but I sure ain't going to read through possibly 5 days worth of promos and then rating it all. And I am sure most on here aren't exited about reading 5 days worth of my promos either.

    In short: I'd much rather that IWT gets stricter with the time limits than more lenient. I'm all for all the threads being posted on the same day (Monday) But I still think that one match per day or two matches per day makes for a better structure.
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  3. Agree with this.
  4. I agree about needing to be stricter but I don't see this as a way for people to just bypass having to turn up at a certain time. I just see this as making things easier for everyone involved. And yes, there would be a 4 promo limit for single matches, 3 promo limit (per person)for tag matches/triple threats and 2 promo limit (per person) for any other matches. Of course, you can do less than any of these, but no more. That would stop 4 pages worth of promos.
  5. oh believe me, I thought of some bad points to it already, but I wanted to see what you guys thought.
  6. Worst Idea, ever. Did someone seriously delete my first post?
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  7. That would clutter up really fast and including thread bumps and new threads the matches will be in disarray. It's hard to keep track of the matches even with the current layout, and if you jumble them all together, it will be even a bigger mess than WM.
  8. They'd be stuck.
  9. So like 8 sticky threads? That'll look horrible.
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  10. Jesus if you want to boost activity, have the matches Friday Saturday and Saturday night/Sunday AM to end voting by RAW. That way you have a lot of shit to vote on at once instead of voting on a match daily.

    Who in the fuck cares about Raw on friday? No one, that's who, and it's the same way if you have your main event on Monday with the rest of it, it isn't special.

    Also which one of you fagabons deleted my first response.
  11. :happy:Calm down, calm down. I'm just kicking the bee's nest haha.

    Wasn't even my idea and I had reservations about the idea originally myself.

    And I didn't delete your post.
  12. I deleted your post.

    And it seems this is a no-go. It was my idea, so everyone can hate me.
  13. :hmmm: yet again
  14. hate jonathan? that never happens
  15. The idea is great, however i wouldn't be for it. We're all committed to knowing our dates of when our match is, to when they end as well. If we were to extend the matches to a longer week length the viewers may lose interest, and the writers may lose the inspiration to which they opened their match with to begin with. I love the 24 hour time limit because it's a snap and go process. Show your best, Do your best, Win, Lose, Move on. It's a fast system and it does well.
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  16. I know people like to have the 'main event' so I figured people would at least have an issue with that.
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