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  1. Sources at IWT HQ have told us exclusively today that there will be no TLC PPV this month, and that Uprising will take place from 16th-22nd December.

    More on this news as we get it.
  2. At least we know Meltzer didn't write this.
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  3. This is bullshit! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*
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  4. fixed
  5. Just letting you guys know, if you don't make a match card for TLC, Im going to take it upon myself to make one myself. I'm not busy in December and I'm pretty sure it's not against the rules to do this.
  6. It's honestly up to Jonathan. We just all help if he asks or pitch in storyline ideas.
  7. Good joke.

    Yeah Dat Kid i'm down to have some TLC business happen. If jono is busy there are plenty of people who can help things run smoothly. I know I can make a thread/edit to add poll, and if not i can pm a Seabs or a Stopspot or a Cm Punk to help me. Senhor is probably busy.
  8. Don't see where the joke is. I said if he needs help, he asks for it.
  9. I think it would be great to have some matches for TLC. It would keep the section active and if Dat Kid wants to organize things then I see no problem with that.
  10. I'm saying if jono doesnt want to do TLC i dont assume this to be a dictatorship. There are more than enough people you could throw together two house shows easily before and still have matches for a TLC.

    If TLC is cancelled, no sweat off my back, but i'm down to help if that's what it takes.
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  11. TLC would be fun
  12. I think the reason he cancelled it is because the time between now and TLC is 3 weeks. (December 15th)
    And we usually hold the matches one week prior from the event. Although, if we were going to make our TLC PPV a week after WWE's, I'd be cool with that.
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  13. That makes sense, so here's what I propose if everyone is down to do this.

    3 weeks is not enough time to set up a ppv since there wouldn't be time for an Uprising to build to it unless we did back to back shows, which would just overwork everyone.

    What I suggest is that instead of doing a PPV, we do an Uprising instead. I'd proposed this to Jono and Punk before, but what we can do is make the next show a 1yr anniversary/slammys show. It'd be a good special event and we'd give out awards for match of the yr, shit like that. That way, we aren't waiting a month for a show, we have time to build to Royal Rumble, and we have a special event correlating with WWE's TLC.

    We could then use the Uprising date Jono proposed as another Uprising to build to RR and it'd make sense to have 2 Uprisings before this PPV since it is one of the major PPVs.

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  14. So we have an uprising, RR, then uprising inbetween that and the EC?
  15. nope.
    1yr Anniversary Uprising, Uprising leading to RR, Royal Rumble

    Royal Rumble isn't til the 26th of January. Another uprising can be put in on Jan 6-12.
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  16. Will I be defending my title before then :boss1:
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  17. If the rules still stand that you have defend your title every month, yeah i'd imagine that you'd have to. Not my decision to make
  18. @Crayo i'm ready baby.
  19. You best figure out a spot as #1 contender for WM. EC might have to end up you vs VP, we all want to see you vs her as much almost as much as @Danielson vs @Senhor Perfect . We should use the WCW ppv instead, Souled out. :pity2:
  20. Didn't you hear? I'm winning the Royal Rumble.

    & lol at that match you proposed
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