Storyline Discrepancies In Strategies

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  1. *Prior to Michael vs. Gav, an interviewer caught up with Alias Antonio backstage.*
    ALIAS: Make this quick, pal. I've got places to be, people to talk to, meetings to attend, baby showers to be at. Shit, I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than spend my day backstage here watching the abomination that Michael vs. Gav will be.

    INTERVIEWER: O-okay. My first question is in regards to many people's observance, about Michael not...

    ALIAS: Listen up, I'll take it from here. I can intuit just how every question will go so I'll just save you the trouble.

    I'll finish what you were going to say. Yes, Michael has yet to address the fact that I am indeed the number 1 contender to his precious championship. And that's when there starts to exist a blatant discrepancy and schism in strategies and mentality heading towards this "big" match. I've heard nothing but a load of shit from people everywhere I've gone since Michael has become champ. Shit like "You can't take him lightly now, Alias." "He's beaten a Hall Of Famer and 4x time champ." "He's a whole different animal than he was last year." And for the most part, I've heeded their word although I've beaten him in the past. And I don't know why, because Michael has done nothing but spit on my name and on the name of this company following his momentous win. He's dared to snub just what I stand for.

    It's either because of the fact that HE'S the one taking me lightly or just simply because of the fact that he's nothing but a feeble little coward who doesn't want to even think about directing his attention towards me because he knows just as well as I do that I'd bury him 6 feet under without convalescense before our match even takes place.

    So what I've deduced from all of that Michael is backed up into a corner, it's a lose-lose situation for him, and I'd like him to beg to differ. But it's not happening because he's too busy walking around with some subservient punks, who for some reason stick with Michael, attacking another punk by the name of Gav The Chav.

    It's all just very offensive, to be honest. And the quicker this is done with, the better it is for all of us.​

    INTERVIEWER: People have also wanted to know who you've been cryptically talking to on the phone lately.

    ALIAS: For gods sake, why is everyone so interested in my personal life. Let me tell you something, bitch boy, what goes on...

    *Alias suddenly stares at something out of frame with a grin from ear to ear.*
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    *Walks in from out of the frame looking at Alias with the largest shit eating grin in the history of IWT. The crowd goes crazy, one of the loudest pops in IWT history - louder than ArabHammer's, once they see who it is on the titantron. Alias gets up slowly as it seems this man's arrival was unexpected.They have a quick hug and talk amongst themselves for a second. The man looks at the camera and waits til the crowd dies down before he talks. The interviewer goes to ask a question but Jwab shushs him*
    JWAB: God damn. I was not expecting it to be that loud, even from back here. Alias, I know I arrived way earlier than I told you I was on the phone but it is still nice to see you in person, my good friend. Which camera am I looking at? *gestures with hands* This camera? This one? Well, it doesn't matter cause whatever camera I'm looking at is the camera.

    This man, Alias Antonio. A man I've watched succeed with every single grand opportunity placed in front of him. Like he said, he faces the "General Manager Of IWT" for the IWT Championship which sounds corrupt in itself. I watched Michael get a title shot after the likes of Alias & Jabri stealing the show at IWTMania and I thought it was a crime..... but, I saw the truth. Aids was one win away from becoming the longest... reigning... IWT Champion in the history of IWT, which for some reason... I think he already holds that record. He was trying to break his own record by giving himself an easy challenge. Michael didn't win cause MICHAEL GOT BETTER. Michael won cause Aids got worse. Aids has been a literal fog of cancer drifting over IWT and now that he is gone, hopefully for good. The gloom is gone and sun is shining and I have no movie projects in the future so I am proud to announce..

    At the next PPV, when this man takes on Michael for the IWT Championship. I will be in his corner to support my fellow Cure brethren. We came into this company together and I've watched you succeed every step of the way and I wanna be there for what is this, your fourth? third? IWT Championship?! I want to be there to watch you take the title away. I want to be there to see Michael laying on his back for the 100th time in IWT history. I want to be there *puts his hand on Alias' shoulder* for you. We're brothers... and as being your brother.... I will do my part on Sunday.

    Cause you know what we say? Michael's Cancer...

    *Alias interrupts Jwab and seems to be rushing this long*
    ALIAS: Yeah yeah.. and we're The Cure. I do not need you in my corner on Sunday but if you really want to be there, I'm happy to have you there, lad.

    *Jwab nods, rubs his hands, tells Alias that he won't let him down (which is quietly picked up by the mic). Jwab walks off and Alias stands there for a minute. Looking like he is not very fond of the idea of Jwab being there on Sunday. He walks off*
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  3. GOAT.
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  4. That was a good return, Jwab. Haven't missed a beat.
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  5. You rang?
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