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  1. A discussion I've wanted to get started for a while. So let us cut to the chase.

    We all know the current stars will disappear sometime in the future. In this thread we will pick 2-3 guys each from NXT that you feel will be the big guys in the business in the future. We can then discuss and debate our choices.

    My pick for next big face to come out of NXT is without a doubt. Seth Rollins.
    The former ROH and FCW World Heavyweight champion and current NXT champion is one of the most technically skilled guys currently in WWE developmental. He is insanely over for a guy just in developmental, charismatic and good on the microphone.

    Take a look at this promo package from NXT.
    Without a doubt Seth is incredibly charismatic, maybe not as good on the microphone as some of the all time greats but he is definitely one of the better ones out there. One of the most important points though is that WWE seemingly have faith in Seth. When he won his NXT title Triple H himself came out and raised his hands as the entire locker room was out and applauded him. That means he has the backing of one of the most powerful men in the company and the locker room. That says a lot about the 26 year old from Iowa.

    But for every new hero, we need a new villain. Enter Dean Ambrose.

    Like Rollins he is a former indie top name. John Moxley as he was called has held numerous titles on the indies and is now working dark matches for RAW. This guy is the master of the promo and has the look and mannerisms of a great wrestling villain. His ring psychology is great, telling a story with every move he makes.

    If you look below here you will see a example of the chemistry Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose has in the ring.

    Imagine when these two are competing on live Pay per view.

    For those of you who haven't seen Ambrose cut a promo:

    You're welcome.

    Who are your picks?
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  2. I still think kassius Ohno (Chris Hero) is the best talent they have in development. He is in my top 20 current wrestlers. His stuff in RoH was just amazing. I like Rollins, but his mic skills aren't the greatest, loved when he was with Jimmy Jacobs. As for Ambrose, he's going to be a top heel if used right. I still however hope Sara Del Rey will play a big part in the diva's division but I hear she's a trainer at the moment.
  3. Ach, I've seen far too little of Ohno to judge but if I being totally honest, from the little I have seen I'm not that impressed. His ring work I can't judge on but from what I've seen I don't understand the love for his mic ability? He seems to emphasize bits that don't need to be emphasized all the time which irritates the hell out of me.

    Rollins is a fantastic ring worker and really exciting guy to watch. They need to give him something more interesting to do as he isn't really anything at the moment, also his skills in the mic department are lacking slightly. However, he's the kinda guy who probably can get by without much promo time, he can do his talking in the ring. I see him as no more than a midcarder at the moment, however I'm not going to completely rule out any chance of him making it further.

    Dean Ambrose is in a different league. He could walk straight into the main event IMO. If Foley had not pussied out of the fued with him ( I presume) then Ambrose could easily be WHC right now. I honestly don't see what is stopping the guy, he's absolutely incredible.
  4. Ambrose isn't on NXT so technically he doesn't count :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    From NXT specifically it will be Ascention, Rollins and Bray Wyatt. Easy main eventers.

    Real nice thread btw.
  5. Can't believe I totally forgot about those two, the Ascension could easily revamp the tag team division, Wyatt is awesome, not sure I'd describe him as an easy main eventer though, only seen him once with his gimmick - thought it was a great performance IMO.
  6. Rollins, Hero and Wyatt. They're all young, are already talented and have lots of potential, I think. If used correctly they could all be future Main Eventers.
  7. It's his character maybe, his mic skills were pretty good as Hero. I haven't seen much of him in nxt so far, but from what I've gathered he's just obsessed with knocking people out? Regardless he's great in the ring, hopefully he has a good career there.
  8. The Ascension and Seth Rollins.
  9. Two words :

    Seth Rollins.
  10. Down with a lot of them, honestly. Really like what JR and Regal are doing with all that stuff, there are a number that are going to blow up most likely, Rollins is going to be huge though.
  12. ^i know, im pretty god damn amazing.