Discussion Thread?

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  1. No discussion thread tonight? Well Im online if anyone wants to join in during the show.


    Big Joe Park vs Bully Ray to start the show. I like this.


    Gotta love the bully tweeting during the match
  2. Too lazy to turn on my TV. Please message me @[MarkyMark] When the main event comes on.
  3. Its been so long since I have seen anyone bust out the thumbtacks on live tv. Awesome!
  4. I'll watch it if I can.
  5. Joseph throws Bully onto the tacks. I can't believe I am the only one on here to talk about this match haha......And no problem, if I remember Ill message you.
  6. I think many people forgot this was on due to their TV problems. I'd watch but I'm going out in a few to meet someone at these hours -.- and it'll just bug me missing some of the show.
  7. Too bad Spike TV is only in America, otherwise I'd watch. We get it the Tuesday after on Challenge TV.
  8. How was the opening?


    :russo: The pregnant addict chick saying AJ is indeed the father.
  9. So bored of the AJ storyline.
  10. Opening segment between Joseph Park and Bully Ray was good.
    The AJ being the baby daddy storyline is horrible and boring.
  11. Boom period? Not sure.

    World champions from other companies? :isee:


    Roode :lol1:
  12. Has Spike TV bit the bullet now?
  13. Yeah but it's available in other countries.
  14. Wow sucks for TNA right now as I'm sure the Spike TV deal was only extended this year. Or end of last.
  15. You're right it was fairly recent. Let's hope it's sorted by next week else TNA are in a bit of trouble income wise.
  16. Very nice stream this one I have, it freezes in the end of the match and when it gets back I hear the winner being announced.
  17. Hope so as TNA does put out a decent product when I have the time to watch and the more wrestling on tv the better and plus WWE needs at least some competition even if TNA is a few years behind some competition is better than none.
  18. Angle vs Anderson next.
  19. Definitely agreed. You should perhaps catch up with them weekly on YouTube if you can. The product is much better if you know everyone and the storylines going on etc.

    It seems unfair that TNA have this awesome product atm (more or less) which shits on WWE, but is going through TV airing problems and is so behind in terms of finance and income. Where as WWE puts on a shit product and is making more money than ever topping the ratings weekly -,-.
  20. Yeah I should catch up on TNA more often than I do defo something I'm gonna attempt to do.