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  1. I'm not entirely sure what's going on with it anymore. :dawg: I know GN originally was the one who approached me first for it, but then I kinda' just got lost after that because there were other ideas well. Is it still just me and @GrammarNazi82?
  2. Well if GrammarNazi doesn't want to compete for the belt then I'd be interested.
  3. I'm interested in challenging too, I want to be the first hemethrodite to hold the WWE and Divas titles at the same time. I think I mentioned this in some of thread.
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  4. Sorry guys. I'm more eligible than anyone could be. ;))
  5. So, is there any plan to this? :dawg:

    Gonna tag people I think might've want to participate in it somehow.

  6. Since I'm now a total noobz with this new efed, I'll give it a shot.
  7. I'm definitely into it. So would you want to have a three way match?

    BTW Scarlette, my IWT character is a rude intellectual snob named Victoria Parker so don't take anything personal that I say in here. Just a heads up :dawg:
  8. No problemo my love. Will make my character tomorrow morning, since it's too late to think. :))
  9. Triple threat between @"Lady Deathbane", @"CrayJ Lee" and @GrammarNazi82

    @Scarlette you weren't in the draft so you can't be in, sorry.
  10. OMG this is going to all be...forgettable :pity2: Welcome to IWT.
  11. GrammarNazi and Lady D :lol1:

    And Jen's just like "hey no im better than u! :sad:"
  12. Lol @Grammarnazi82 come take your title.
  13. Realistically, she's going to win either way because you guys like her the best with TNA and whatnot, which is why I cringed when she challenged me. Not much of a point really if it's just gonna' be like that. I've been debating to just give it because there's virtually no point.
  14. :lol1: if your promo is better you get voted. I told her to go for it because i've always caled her the WWEF knockout's champ, and i want to see how it goes. You cant just give your belt away because the person challenging you has supporters. :pity:
  15. That's hardly true at all. It's a popularity contest, which is why I've been inactive in this part for so long. There was a thread you probably saw about groups voting for their own members instead of whoever has the best promo. And the guys who are active prefer GN anyway.
  16. I prefer you. :datass: :obama: :dawg:
  17. lol well you have to be a special kind of girl to get the BITW vote :obama:

    Seriously the whole forum is a polularity contest, but here you have to assume people will vote on reason. Look at me vs from, how will you vote?

  18. Setting the mood, go ahead and upload pics. Both of you.
  19. :mad2:
  20. I hope this doesn't effect your vote for the #1 contenders match today. :cornette: