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Divas Champion

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  1. Scarlette Rose Brinn

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  2. Sage

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  1. [​IMG]
    Below are all the promo cuts entered. If I missed someone please let me know! Vote for who you want to be your Divas Champion of WWE Forums!​

    -You can only vote once.
    -If you vote for yourself, you will be disqualified.
    - Once you make a vote it can no be changed.

    Scarlette Rose Brinn
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    WWE Name: Scarlette Rose Brinn
    Promo Cut:

    Wrestling is something I really wanted a long time ago. Unlike the other girls that say that their favorite match would be Melina vs. Alicia Fox, I've been interested in Wrestling as long as I can remember. This proves that I deserve the championship more than anybody of you do. I can prove my love and devotion to this business by words and by actions. By actions, I mean... by kicking ass! I'll never back down from a challenge. And I know that whatever happens, I'll emerge victorious in the end.

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    Your WWE Name:

    Heel or Face:
    (Is it possible for me to be a tweener? If not, heel.)

    Promo Cut:"Let’s get one thing straight… I. Am not. A diva. You know what the definition of a diva is? A person who takes adulation and privileged treatment as a right and reacts with petulance to criticism or inconvenience. Now for those of you who haven’t cracked a dictionary since the second grade, that basically means you’re a fuckin’ bitch, and I’m not here to be some slut who updates their status five times a day when in reality no one gives a shit, never leaves the Locker Room and causes all this unnecessary drama because daddy didn’t pay enough attention to her… But what choice do I have? All I can strive for is that god-awful, pretty in pink belt …but when I do wear that monstrosity; know that I’m wearing it without having fake tits or spray tanner. Know that this “diva” is really all woman underneath that thin strap. A woman who wants to change things for the better around here."


    (I totally don't have the voice that I was picturing. I'm not even a good talker in general conversation. But ah well, screw it, I already spent all this time making it. I couldn't be that loud either because its 4AM here, so it sounds really stale. Also, I put a lot of effects on my voice, so I don't really sound like that. I had to heavily edit it because I still sound like a 14-year-old even though I'm 20.
  2. WTF? im voting FTJ, i applied for him.
  3. This is an outrage! ; _ ;
  4. Where is deth? #Conspiracy
  5. Deth is Women's Champ, remember? :dawg:

    All us divas pale in comparison to his womanly grace. :sad1:
  6. I give you all....

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  7. :datass:
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  8. please tell both of the 2 up for voting a both REAL woman right?

    Yeah this, 2 votes for Francine The Jock.
  10. I vote for Francine The Jock
  11. Yup. Both are females.
  12. No. I have a huge penis. :tough:
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  13. :true:
  14. 3 votes for Francine the Jock. FTJ, unifying the titles.
  15. The only one worth voting for is FTJ. (S)he is running away with this race with 3 votes already
  16. :gusta:
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  17. Congrats to @[Lady Deathbane] She won the Divas Title!

  18. FTJ.......
  19. :no:

    Sage wins. :tough: