Dixie must be crying at Hogan going back to WWE lol

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  1. Dixie must be crying at Hogan going back to WWE lol from that commercial shown on Elimination Chamber last night of all the press coverage I bet shes crying in a corner somewhere that he ditched her and her company
  2. I doubt it.

    Since Hogan left they've been getting Better ratings so Dixie is most likely Jumping for joy at the Sight of the WWE getting the cancer that is know as Hulkamania. Why do you even post here if you don't watch impact.

    Useless thread, Someone close this down.
  3. Once an idiot, always an idiot.
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  4. Wow delusional springs to mind.
  5. Lets talk soccer

  6. Nah changed my mind bro

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  7. I doubt she cares too much really, the ratings have been solid and the shows have been equally as solid for the most part. Seeing Sting go to the WWE if it happens is most likely going to hit more, same goes for if Kurt decides to not resign later this year and goes back to WWE, even with that said though she seems to be doing a good job at keeping the show going while dealing with these departures.
  8. Hogan was the only good thing going for TNA and then when he left the company went even more shitter
  9. You clearly don't watch TNA then. Grow up and stop trolling.
  10. No he wasnt....He was Killing the company with his high wage demands.....His wage's were one of the reasons they couldn't pay Styles....

    TNA are doing well atm, They have solid feuds going on (Dixie vs MVP, Magnus' title run, Sabin vs Velvet, EY vs Abyss).
    If you'd watch TNA instead of sticking whatever food you can find behind that seat of yours down your gullet, you'd realize the improvement.
  11. The Level of Truthness to this is the same Level that says your a Genius.. Absolute Zero.
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  12. Thread can't be for real right? Think about how much money Hogan was making to be on board and for what he actually did there.. I doubt they have any second doubts on their decision to let him go haha
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    Welcome to BLFFL threads, the visible landmines of Dot Net. Avoid them at all cost unless you enjoy having an explosion of stupidity blow up in your face.
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  14. Lol after last night's botching in such a short segment I'm sure now more than before than Dixie and TNA are not crying or missing Hogan too much :emoji_slight_smile:
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  15. Dixie messed up big time not keeping hold of Hogan and just watching Hogan return on Raw last night made me think of Dixie's reaction
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