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    [align=left]The Truth[/align]
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    [align=left]The things THEY made me do[/align]
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    Mí Primera Promo

    Q & A With El Nino De Mexico

    El Nino's Greatest Hits

    [align=left]About Me:[/align]
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    [align=left]Next Match:[/align] No Match. Fired...

    [align=left]Win Loss Record:[/align] Wins: 0 Loses: 2

    [align=left]Bitches of the Week:[/align] Fight Night Employees

    [align=left]My Finisher:[/align] Getting Fired for doing what is asked

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  2. El Nino's

    You're losing your debut match by submission. You'll be screaming Taco to help, but he won't.
  3. El Nino's

    LOL DUDE............ I fucking laughed so hard at your end segment. Thank you
  4. El Nino's

    Lol'd. :dawg: Awesome Q & A.
  5. El Nino's

    Haha i set myself up for failure there. You know my name
  6. RE: El Nino's

    That sounds like the logic of a little beach! :bury:
  7. RE: El Nino's

    You got that right on the money my friend, he is a little bitch, so the logic of one makes perfect sense
  8. El Nino's

    El Nino de Mexico hopes the 3rd video in the videos section will get him over with the American fans
  9. El Nino's

    Pure gold
  10. El Nino's

    It's funny how you do whatever creative tells you. They want you to put on a stupid mask, you say yes. They want you to bill you from a shithole like Mexico, you say yes. Then they want to give you this ridiculous taco savior gimmick, and you say yes. Then after all that what do you get? Fired. The reason I was given, for saving a taco, which is a part of my character. I get fired fro doing what creative wants, no matter how ridiculous it is.

    I'm tired of this. Fuck federation x and fuck all the people in it. The only reason people watch this organization is because of me! They don't spend their hard earned money to see a bunch of roided up faggots, like everyone in that locker room. Fuck this company!
  11. El Nino's

    Straight Edge Motherfucker!
  12. RE: El Nino's

    Fuck You Messias!
  13. RE: El Nino's

  14. El Nino's

    I've officially been released from FNW's contractual obligation that forbids me to engage in media 2 weeks after my release. I've been getting phone calls left and right for a "shoot" so I'll indulge the internet nerds and do one. Make sure you actually by the damn thing and don't watch it online, I don't work for free. I'm offering you guys a chance to get a real inside look at what goes on behind the scenes at FNW. Assholes will be raped and careers will be destroyed. Look out for my shoot, which will be done sometime during this week.
  15. RE: El Nino's

    No one cares.
  16. RE: El Nino's

    You took time out of your busy day, to read what i post, and then comment on it. You either care or you just don't have a life.
  17. RE: El Nino's

    Busy day? I had just got home from school and was hanging out for a bit. And not having a life? It's not really a loss when it took me less than a minute. :pity:
  18. RE: El Nino's

    Sort of like your sex life, ay bud. When your girl gets bored tell her swing by and I'll let her know how a real man handles things.

    I swear internet nerds get more annoying everyday. (and yes i'm kayfabing)
  19. El Nino's

    ---Kayfab----Hey Nacho Libre, how's the orphanage? ----kayfab----
  20. RE: El Nino's

    I haven't been to the orphanage in a long time. I actually kind of hate it there. It's old, moldy, and it smells. Not to mention it is crowded. It seems like it just keeps getting more packed by the second and no one ever seems to leave. I don't even know how it manages to withstand such bad treatment.

    Oh and by orphanage, that's code name for your mom's vagina right?
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