DKJ vs Ovalhead: Street Fight

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  1. DKJames vs TheOvalhead in a street fight. I guess since he can't post for a little we'll just say 2 promos each.​
    I was told to start. (Hope I did this shiz right)​

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  2. *The crowd gives off some light cheers and Joey Bryant walks out on the stage. He reaches the ring and grabs a mic from ringside. He has a straight look on his face as he looks straight into the camera.*​
    "It's about damn time. It's about time that Joey Bryant is able to come out to this ring with an official match against an opponent that is of worthy capability. You know, I was a bit shocked when I saw the cure walk out on to that stage. Not only did I already have my opinions on all of you, but I could already tell I would have to deal with each and every one of you. Jwab came out, telling me to pick but I didn't have to do that, Ben Dover you did that for me. So you're second job apart from being a wrestler is porn star. Nice. Solid career choice, heard it's a great thing to study if I would have went to school. You told me to... to "Phone my mummy". Well unfortunately for you my mother would not sink to the likes of you nor would I want her to, because you are exactly what I hate in this business."​
    *He pauses as the crowd lets off a small cheer.*​
    "You make a joke of what everyone in IWT does and it's really a shot to the heart. I see many top quality superstars compete here. Dat Kid, Adam, Farooq. Then I see new guys like us come in, guys like Suicide who happened to just recently debut and there seems to be a lot of hype surrounding him. Us, not so much. We're just the two guys that came in from no where trying to make our own little impacts, right? Right. Let me tell you something, how about you phone your mom and tell her this. 1. Prepare to pay for her sons medical bills. And 2. Give her Joey Bryant's phone number, I heard he's interested. Bottom line is there is nothing, and I mean nothing you will be able to do to win this match. You can call your Cure buddies, oh sure go ahead! They can all come to the party, it will not affect the outcome..."​
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  3. *Ben Dover takes a moment to process Bryant's comments before condescendingly chuckling for a couple of seconds*
    *Dover aggressively snatches the microphone from a nearby announcer before shoving him out the way*
    Ben Dover: Big talk kid, let's see how you talk when I choke you out; because I've got a little finisher I've been hiding from everyone called THE PENETRATOR!!

    Here's how it goes:
    -I go behind my opponent
    -I grapple them to the ground
    -Cover right arm over opponents face
    - Rest the lower half of my body on my opponents legs, eventually causing them to go numb
    - Wrap left arm over opponents neck while clenching opponents right arm.

    I have practised this beautifully crafted submission for over a decade, I have utilised in multiple competitive MMA bouts, I figured out it's weaknesses but I have mastered it in a way that not even Anderson Silva would have a chance in HELL ONCE THAT LITTLE BITCH IS UNDER THE VENOMOUS HOLD!

    The finisher makes being raped feel like a picnic in comparison so I hope The ambulance waiting for what is left your sorry ass!

    And now to directly address your idiotic rambling tangent; Congratulation on getting your first match in the IWT bitch; This is mine too. But don't worry I have vast experience; Have any of the dorks in this audience heard of the glorious land of MachinimaPalooza E-Fed Wrestling Alliance?? Because if you have, you would I was a beast there!! A ruthless man who became a tag-team champion in the time I was there; Not just a tag-team champion but a dominant one; I called the shots!
    If my fellow tag-team champion lacked dedication and was busy "Eating chicken" or going to "strip clubs" instead of going to the local wrestling dojo and learning new moves; I would bury their ass and replace them! I may be a pornstar but I also know to be a successful professional!

    I also appreciate your comments on me working as a pornstar, way to be a tolerant empathetic individual dumbfuck! I may earn 100k A MONTH for having my sexual encounters taped but I'm a graduate from Bangor University, not exactly Oxford but I still know an extensive amount of academic knowledge. What's your story? Home-schooled by your mother because you were a pathetic nerd as a child who no-one liked?

    *The crowd are offended by that remark, Dover is met with a violent outburst from the fans, shouting several obscenities at him*

    Dover: Oh shut the fuck up you virgin pricks! You know you're here to see me have this guy begging for mercy; BUT YOU GUYS HAVE TOO MUCH "PRIDE" TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT!!!!

    Dover: Trust me, your mother would let people tape me and her having intercourse; you may think she doesn't because as she's your mother; you're automatically going have a default judgement of her. But it's true, she would do that!!

    Meanwhile, My mother is deceased; but if you're into necrophilia then good for you; you deranged fuck! Your mother is most certainly not dead; especially based on your sentence structure when referring to her!

    I know there are talented people here; but you most certainly not one kiddo; you're just a wannabe who see's REAL ATHLETES ON THE TV "OMG dats so kwl, i wanna be cool 2 4 once in ma lyf". I have so much talent, that my talent is bigger than Frank the Jock's freaking ego!!

    I respect your ambition to get ahead but I'm an accomplished athlete while you're some fool suffering from Mediocrititis.

    Actually; during my medical assessment of you; I found another illness; DS: DESPERATION SYNDROME.

    You issue a OPEN CHALLENGE; What would you have done if someone like Farooq came out; your funeral would have began to be planned within the next few minutes; not that anyone would go......

    *Dover drops to microphone so he can absorb the detest from the fans; Dover loving everyone second of it, even having is arms stretched out so that he could resemble Jesus on the cross; a dig at the religious fans in the crows*
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  4. Who booked this match? You need to come to a GM before you start a match... I'm usually on more than Catwoman so please PM me next time you want to start a match..
  5. OOC -DK proposed the match so I assumed he already told you about it. It's all good anyway, Me and DK at least know for the next time we face someone in a match.

  6. Ah, nah he didn't. Don't worry though, you're new. Just letting you know for next time :)
  7. OOC: My bad on that one. I know for next time then.
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  8. *Bryant listens to what Ben Dover has to say and keeps a straight face the entire time.*​
    "It's clear to me that these people don't like you, and I understand that. I mean, who could like a part wrestler part pornstar that actually acts like he could hold a candle to Joey Bryant? The answer is no one, Ben, and to continue to prove to myself and everyone here that you're a joke, let me respond with this. Your finisher would do absolutely nothing to me because it seems like it was made up by someone in a mental hospital. Now you mentioned "Desperation syndrome", that's something I'm really not familiar with. I issued that open challenge so anyone, whether it was Farooq or a nobody like you, to come out and face me. You accepted my challenge, and unfortunately for you, you're just going to get your ass kicked. There is nothing, and I mean nothing that you will be able to do to defeat me."​
    *He pauses for a moment then continues.*​
    "You and your stupid stable having nothing on me. Look at it this way. There are at least 3 of you, one of you being a porn star. I don't know how you explain to everyone how you can be a successful wrestler even though after matches you go and take it up the ass from your buddy Jwab over there. You are making a joke of IWT. I am IWT's next golden child and facing you is just the first step in my ladder of success. I am unstoppable and there is nothing you can do or say to deny that. After this match, you're not going to want another. You'll realize that while I'm just the rookie kid here, you'll be even less than that. You'll be the guy that lost to Joey Bryant but still continued to have a big mouth. No one likes an egotistical porn star though, you'll try telling everyone that your dick is 2 feet long. You'll get in the ring after making such a bold statement like that and lose time and time again until the Cure realizes they picked up the wrong partner. Before you know it, you'll be kicked out of the Cure and sent back to realizing that wrestling was never your strong suit." ​
  9. *Ben Dover recomposes himself, ready to respond, continuing to bask in the crowd's anger and disrespect*

    Ben Dover: My finisher has won me multiple MMA matches against people with legitimate athletic ability and have an actual aggressive attitude a fighter is supposed to have; Applying it to a wannabe man-child like you should be GG! Have you even got a signature manoeuvre or are you really that unprepared as a wrestler?

    Trust me, a running tap could hold a lit candle to you....

    You can say you're better than me but what proof do you have? You keep saying you're better than me but you have nothing to back it up; meanwhile I have given you reasons; You delusional joke of a human being!

    I'm a MMA expert and have extensive Greco-Roman wrestling knowledge. Maybe after you come back from the hospital you can turn up to lesson 2 of my sexucational class where I discuss the advantages sex brings to athleticism.

    No matter who you face in The Cure, you will always end up in agony, begging us to cure you of your mediocrititis and your DS.

    The only anal sex I partake in is with attractive women, only someone as oblivious towards the nature of sex like you would think I have anal sex with Jwab just because we are working together....

    Your idiocy and inability to understand the way of life, the way of sex and the way of fighting is your downfall now; AND IT ALWAYS WILL BE!!


    The sad thing is this match will never, ever ,ever , EVERRRRR be put on the internet. Want to know why? Because most websites don't allow RAPE!! And people prefer when my sex is consensual; I'm such a God it always is though.

    So prepare TO BEND OVER TO BEN DOVER sweet cheeks. You had a fun ride, but you're "journey" is about to end before it's even had a chance to fly free from it's venomous cocoon......


    *Ben Dover proceeds to strut around to wind up the fans, then Dover does crotch chops towards Bryant as a way of ridiculing him*
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