Do Women Have It Easier Than Men?

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  1. This can be said about jobs, life in general, etc.

    Like some women might have the idea that they'll find a rich man and won't have to lay a finger their entire life.

  2. No.

    Women get paid less on average for the same amount of work/type of work as men. Have a harder time getting promotions at the same rate as men and often outside of the Scandinavian countries, have to chose between career and family due to the insecurity related to maternity leave.

    As for the marry rich argument. There are only so many rich, single men available. Majority of women are going to have to work for a living in today's society.

    And I'm not even touching on the parts of the world were women are still oppressed.
  3. No.

    If it isn't equal, women are far more likely to have the short end of the deal.
  4. On a day to day basis not at all. Taking hours to get ready, monthly problems, the ability to get pregnant, and menapose being a couple of things we don't have to worry about.

    As for the job world, it seems like the scale is starting to tip in their balance. Sure, what Stop said is true, but now women can make five figure sums twerking on Vine. Not to mention it's getting easier for them to get famous through Instagram. Becoming inspirational speakers through posting pictures.
  5. I wont go in to detail with all the other stuff, we know what happens when I do.. lolol
    But as far as grooming and personal appearance, women have it harder. I will point out a few things on this...

    It has become the norm and most acceptable form to be as hairless as possible which means women with any kind of body hair is considered bad, ugly, or disgusting. I think most women feel the need to shave their entire body and that takes a crap ton of time.

    They also believe they need to wear make-up to be considered attractive or acceptable. This can add up to quite a lot of cash, based on the prices I have seen. Ekkk. Women who don't wear make-up are called things like "tom-boy" or "non-feminine".

    Most men who sleep around get rewarded/applaud while women get shamed for it (though to me, a slut is a slut... gender is a non-issues there).

    Women who dress well get called snobby, men who dress well get called distinguished. Also women's clothing and accessories seem to cost more even though they are getting less material. Touche clothing industries.

    Basically women are more pressured in regards of looks/appearance than men.
  6. Imagine thinking that type of stuff leads to long term careers. The vine girls are seasonal flavors like porn actors
  7. Women making money online using their bodies is easy if they are desired by enough men but mentally, I bet is destroys them.
  8. Most of the girls who I've seen do it have transitioned it into good careers, whether it be speaking or things in the fashion field. Not to mention that some of the biggest porn stars have been in the game for years, there's definitely room for older women in social media.
  9. No. Sure, us western girls have it much easier than women in the less developed countries but it doesn't mean oppression is gone in the west.
    And I'm not just blaming men for this- there are women out there just as damaging. Beauty standards are ridiculous, to the point where I won't even pick up a magazine or read a fashion blog.

    As for jobs, there'll always be occupations where women aren't particularly welcomed all that much.
    I don't believe for one second that all women can 'have it all', ie. a family and career (obviously depending on career) A friend of mine wasn't given a promotion because her manager (another woman) assumed she was just going to go off and get pregnant.
    I feel like my career (despite being new) gets played down, if people ask about my job it it tends to be two questions and then it leads straight on to questions about when I'm going to have kids, assuming that I even want kids. Because I have the facilities, I should automatically just fire out a few kids.
  10. I gotta ask. How big a risk is it that if a woman in England gets fired if she gets pregnant/gives birth?
    Where I am from it is illegal to do something like that. But I realize that it isn't the same all over the world and that women are also encouraged to take as little maternity leave as possible to keep their jobs
  11. I'm into girls with money, it's a wonderful double standard. No one side has it easier regardless, life is rough on people on an individual basis.
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  12. in America we have loopholes. 3 write ups, with two written can lead to a walk out at nearly any job not unionized/contracted/absolutely needed atm.
  13. Jesus.

    I have family over in Utah, a fairly large one (Mormons). And while we don't talk often. I know that they only take out like 3 weeks of maternity leave tops when they have had kids so they can keep their jobs. Which to me sounds so bizarre. Granted my frame of reference is painted with the Scandinavian welfare system
  14. It's also illegal here to fire women just for being pregnant too. It's part of the 'Equality Act'. There's a set amount of paid time (I think it's a year) that pregnant women are legally entitled to.
  15. Over here the parents have a legal right to be completely off from work from the birth of the child until the child is 18 months old (moms to be tend to go on maternal leave about a month in advance). And you have a right to 480 paid days of parental leave until the child is 8 years old per child. These days are ideally to be split evenly between both parents (with dads being required to take at least two months off work to spend with the child during its early years, with talks currently going about making it 3). According to wiki the current split is moms using 75% of the days and dads the remaining 25%.

    During this time you get 80% of your salary. You also have a right to paid leave to take care of your child if it gets sick, but working from home has become a popular alternative as well.
  16. Your maternity/paternity arrangements are so much better than ours. Paternity leave isn't really that much of a thing here, as far as I know.
  17. We in the US don't respect those assholes and their magic underwear, they must use it to heal faster. Seriously, Mormons are the worst.
  18. Clarification: 60 of those 480 days are earmarket for each parent, and the remaining ones get split between the parents by the parents.

    I don't often use buzzfeed as a source. But this article and photo series paints a cozy picture
    This Is What It Looks Like When Men Are Allowed To Take 480 Days Of Paternity Leave

    They are a bit weird. But my experience with Mormons is that they are kind to a fault (no idea how to show up on time tho). The South Park parody of them is shockingly correct
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  19. Women can't be fired in America for being pregnant but they can be turned down from being hired if they are pregnant from high demanding jobs like lawyers for example. Most lawyers opt out of having kids when they are in college because they know how time consuming it is. My aunt and uncle never had kids and they are both lawyers who live in Texas.
  20. They have a strange belief system but they don't harm anyone, to my knowledge, in the name of their religion so they don't bug me.
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