Do WWE just like to fuck with Dolph?

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  1. Ever since winning the WHC, he has seemed so irrelevant. The focus seems to be on AJ (shocker), and Big E. Is there some sort of plan to this? For example, putting the focus on Big E so the fans are more familiar with him, so he can turn on Dolph? Either way, Dolph still has almost no mic time - the most crucial tool to get over - and his matches seem to just be repeats (Kingston for example). Surely WWE know that they are giving no chance to Dolph to shine with the second biggest title in the company?
  2. Until Ziggler does something drastic with his character he is going to keep being Ziggler. That guy who is so good at making others look good that that's what he will be used for. He needs to get a shot so he can develop his character, which has been the same for quite a while now. With a tweak of his character I believe he can gain some momentum. AJ is despite what most of us feel an interesting character, wherever she is there is controversy. Big E is new and has that new flavor appeal with the addition of being a monster. Dolph sadly isn't as interesting. If he could get a shot to try he could without a doubt pull it off though.
  3. How can he do anything with his character without any opportunities? AJ may be interesting, but that isn't an excuse for WWE to put more spotlight on her. If she's that damn interesting, have her have her OWN story without having to cling on to the next big thing all the time. Dolph sure as hell doesn't need her, or Big E, so I don't get your point. The issue isn't Dolph not being over, which you are implying, it's to do with WWE not giving him the chance to flourish in the "spotlight".
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  4. Ya this is important, why should I hate him? Because he wants to go out there and give me the most entertaining match of the night? Yeah not happening kid.
  5. I think you misunderstood what he's saying " He needs to get a shot so he can develop his character, which has been the same for quite a while now." He's saying he needs the spotlight here, also by saying AJ is more interesting he's saying it's Dolph who needs to work on his character again but he's struggling to do so as it's caught in the vicious cycle that is AJ (her wackiness is more interesting than Dolph to most people as she has something and Ziggler has nothing).Why should anyone hate him? He's wanting to give people the best match of the night, who can hate that?
  6. It's embarrassing and his matches have become predictable. DZ can't get a win without the help of ''Team Ziggler" (lol). I genuinely don't see the point of WWE employing AJ if she is just going to ruin storylines and irritate people. Langston is obviously turning on DZ in the future to and I can see him dropping the belt to Big E. It's funny because DZ cashing in was the highlight of the WM season, but WWE continue to screw him over in some weak ass way. Let me guess, at ER Ziggler retains the WHC as Big E interferes and AJ distracts the referee.
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  7. Why do you keep bringing up the "Why should anyone hate him?" stuff? That would apply if he's not over, but he is, even if his character is somewhat shitty. He has proven time and time again that even with this gimmick he can produce gold, but this topic is about him not having any chances to show it. My only quarrel with AJ is her having more character development than him, when she is simply his lacky. If they want to develop her, then do it without fucking up your world heavyweight champion. The differences in their characters and stuff has no relevance here.
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  9. I think when the WHC gets some new contenders, Dolph will begin to shine a lot more. We've been dealing with Del Rio and Swagger since January.
  10. It almost seems like the WWE is fucking with the smarks on this one, having fun jobbing out one of their internet darlings every week. I can't think of any other reason why they've continuously jobbed him out week after week after week for the past several months without barely a win anywhere in there in between.
  11. Maybe Vince doesn't trust him that much outside of making others look good? That's all I really see. He's making opponents look good when he loses, he makes AJ look good by WWE giving her mic time with the World Heavyweight Champion, and Big E looks good by saving him and being with the World Heavyweight Champion. It seems like everybody but Ziggler looks good when he's around, which is sad. WWE seems to give him no time to shine, except for the Money in the Bank, and maybe a title defense win, but most of his wins are dirty wins, so it doesn't help him at all. I don't know what WWE's problem is with him, but they need to get over it. They gave Ziggler a world title, and it's stupid if this is the way he's going to keep being booked. Mind as well gave Big E and AJ the belt.
  12. Indeed, it's pretty bad. The focus is on AJ and Big E instead of the WHC, it does suck. Don't understand why they do this sort of stuff.
  13. I think it's just failure on the part of WWE creative. They couldn't possibly be doing it on purpose. At least I hope not, lol. They probably write his segments thinking, "OMG, DZ is gonna look so awesome in his match with Kofi!" And then they watch it and scratch their heads and they're like, "Shit, we really fucked that up. Oh well, try again next week!"
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