Summerslam Do you give a shit?

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  1. As you guys know SS is being pushed as summer's Wrestlemania, 4 hours and big names, but I feel as if interest is at a low point right now. Are you looking forward to SS, or are you (like me) indifferent about it?
  2. I'm not uber-hyped about it right now, but it should have some good matches and hopefully some big things may go down as weeks go by.
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  3. I have zero interest in Lesnar vs Undertaker, but it just isn't for me I guess. Many other people are, so yay for them!

    That plus Cena vs Rollins made me not want to watch, an felt down given how optimistic I was before MITB - although I'm pretty hyped about the Divas - but if they do a different title match (CESARO! CESARO!) it'll be pretty easy to make me give a shit. :otunga:
  4. There's going to be a few good matches on the card, but overall it probably won't live up to the past couple of SummerSlams. So yeah, I'm indifferent on it.
  5. Talk to me again once we are closer to the show itself.
  6. The only PPV I get hyped for is Mania.
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  7. I won't be looking forward to it until the Sunday it happens.. The show being 4 hour's kills my interest anyways. That's way too long.
  8. how? why?

    anywho, no, I am way out of shits to give about anything wwe related
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  9. The atmosphere and build-up surrounding it. Doesn't matter what the card is, I'll be watching live no matter what. lol
  10. Not really, I probably won't be able to catch the Pay-Per-View live anyways, I'd watch it just to be part of the live discussion thread. I might gain interest though as the event starts to get closer, so I cannot place a complete answer just yet.
  11. Not really. Cesaro vs KO is a booking atrocity, as both need to look strong, the match itself will be good. Undertaker vs Lesnar II should have happened already. Cena vs Rollins is horseshit.

    I will still watch it, but meh
  12. Which is why I think they'll have Randy and Sheamus involved, too... Making it a fatal four-way for the MITB briefcase.
  13. Hope so.
  14. I'm not disagreeing, but why does this match just feel so dumb on paper? Is it different if you've really been keeping up with the TV?

    It should seem so much more of a bigger and better deal than it is. They both had visual pinfalls over John Freaking Cena. Both guys have been the highlights of WWE for the past few months. Cesaro feels like he's getting the biggest rocketship in a while facing the hottest product... Why does this feel like filler?
  15. I'm semi-excited. Summerslam is normally one of the better PPVs of the year (often better than Wrestlemania itself is) and the event being four hours this year makes me think they'll try and pull out something special to make it as memorable as possible.

    I have a vested interest in Brock vs Undertaker's rematch, mainly because I really, really don't want to see the Undertaker defeat Lesnar, and because I have hopes that they can have a much better match than the one they had at Wrestlemania XXX (which was seriously hindered by the concussion Taker suffered early in the match.) However, they're probably just gonna use most of the extra hour to do some spontaneous in-ring promo segment between The Rock and The Authority as a way of further building towards Rock vs HHH at next year's Wrestlemania, so perhaps the tacked on fourth hour shouldn't really be an indication of anything special.
  16. I think because both cesaro and KO are on that awkward position of "Very threatening, but not really" Cesaro more on a long-term perspective and KO after losing the tie-breaker match.

    They both need wins so they are not just "elite enhancement talent", I am confident they will eventually make KO the monster he's meant to be, and a little less so with cesaro. But other than that, their feud feels like two guys fighting for bronze medal. It's more bitter than sweet for me, as a fan.
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  17. Cesaro should have been Kevin Owens' first opponent for the United States Championship. I'm still completely bummed that Owens didn't walk away with the title and just ended up being another adversary that Cena triumphed over. I know losing the US Title and then immediately jumping into a feud over the WWE Championship would have seemed a bit off (especially if Cena is prepared to do the job for Rollins as well, which I'm sure he is), but still.
  18. Meh, kinda give a shit because I want to see if WWE will fuck it up as Lesnar losing his streak right now would just be stupid AF and Rollins needs to beat Cena but somehow I just doubt it.

    I'd like for some more new interesting matchups, y'know, the rumoured Sting match, something good with the Wyatts, Stardust/Miz vs Neville/Stephen Amell, something epic for the Intercontinental Championship to make it mean shit again and a big surprise match that gets me hyped.

    Right now I'm more hyped for new episodes of The Flash. And it returns in October.
  19. The goal for SS seems to be a Champion vs Champion match. But they haven't made it official (yet) and we don't know if titles will be defended.

    If so... I've got a spoiler for you.

    Show Spoiler


    Aaand, Sheamus (or KO or Randy or Cesaro, I think they'll end up doing a fatal four-way MITB briefcase match) cashes in and there you have your next WWE-WHC feud.

    Cena vs [insert name] will be going down for the next 3-4 months during the WWE lull period.

    Rollins turns babyface shortly after SummerSlam and hopefully faces Hunter at NOC.