Storyline Do You Have The Balls?

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  1. *An IWT camera zooms in on an already in-ring Alias Antonio, mic in hand. He lets soak in the cheers before speaking.*

    I wanna keep this promo short and sweet.

    Here I am, once again, making it through yet another brutal fight with the "one of a kind" psycopath, Nick in the IWT. I got to give credit where credit's due, the kid brang his best to the table, he made sure I bled, he made sure I suffered, but in the end, like I said, that wasn't and isn't enough to put me down. So coming off that match, I demonstrated to you all that Nick is just a wannabe of me, of my old self. Nick rambles on about everybody ignoring, and I say I'm not fucking surprised because his IWT run has been shameful. His abominable promises have amounted to nothing, and if it wasn't for Victoria Parker somehow taking your feeble self under her ridiculously insane wing, you'd be down the pecking order here in IWT. And that will be the predicament you'll find yourself in once Aids beats that delusional girl up at The Rumble.

    Moving on, I indeed heard David talk shit about me, and I sincerely have no problem with that. But like the majority of black people, when they have to talk shit infront of their target, they just pussy out and make themselves look like ignorant, pathetic cowards. I hope you're not the stereotypical ***** and come out here. Say all of the shit in my FACE! Do you have the balls, David?

    *Alias leans against the ropes, awaiting a response.*

    OOC: Please do not comment here, not even you David. Someone else will be commenting, thanks.
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  2. *The entire arena goes black. A wolf's howl fills the arena. Britanica appears on the titantron. *

    Britanica: congratulations on your victory Alias. I just want to say three words to you. LOOK. BEHIND. YOU!

    *Britanica starts to laugh. Alias looks confused and as he turns around Trip is standing right behind him and hits him with a vicious spinning clothesline. Trip grabs Alias and tries to lift him up but Alias is fighting back. The crowd is going crazy, cheering on Alias as he's fighting back. They start to chant "Fuck him Alias fuck him up!"
    Alias starts getting the best of Trip until Marcus heads down to the ring and hits Alias with a super kick. Trip picks Alias up and hits his finisher on him. Marcus grabs Alias and hits his finisher as well. Britanica arrives at the top of the ramp and she has a mic in her hand.*

    Britanica: Time to bring him home.

    *Marcus and Trip carry Alias up the ramp and once they get to the top Britanica says one last thing*

    Britanica: Give in to The Order, while you all still have a chance

    *A wolf howls again and a camera spots them leaving the arena in a van and once again it speeds away*
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