Do you remember the match between Triple H and Chris Benoit on an episode of Raw in Feb. 2005?

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  1. If you skip to 5:14, you'll notice the scary face that Benoit makes after getting hit in the back of the head HARD by HHH. The first time I saw that as a kid, it scared the hell out of me because I thought Benoit was having a severe seizure or something. Do you think there might have been genuinely something wrong with Benoit in that match?

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  2. Damn, I remember watching that on TV back in the day and being a little freaked out by it. I don't recall thinking anything was wrong with him though, he was just way too good at selling injuries and other people's moves. People also thought he may have been genuinely injured by those nasty chair shots from Edge at Wrestlemania 21, but the pain he was in there turned out to be brilliant selling on his part, too (well, I'm sure they DID actually hurt, but not to the extent where his shoulder was injured in the way he made it seem. I think there was even a dirt-sheet report on it in the days following.)

    Then again, knowing how he turned out only two years later and knowing that sort of mental deterioration (from various concussions and hits to the head and whatnot) had to have happened over a long period of time...
  3. With a scary face like what Benoit made in that match, Benoit should star in a psychological horror movie with that scary facial expression if he were still alive. If he really did sell those, then he's a hell of a pro wrester(and an actor too for that matter).
  4. Yeah, imagine him as a guy who went around stalking people's families and killing them and stuff... oh wait...
  5. Dude that's scary as hell
  6. I feel that it's def more scary now. But, that's because he happened to be a nut case.

    Otherwise, I feel he simply sold the move very well. Benoit always made weird faces. His eyes were just really buggy in that instance.