Do you think Austin Aries could've made it in the WWE?

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  1. Considering the push some smaller guys like Punk and DB are getting, I think he could be right up there with them. Do you think Vince will ever bring him aboard? Do you think TNA would be dumb enough to let him go?
  2. Didn't they turn him down for being too small not long ago? He has the talent to succeed anywhere imo.
  3. He was supposed to be on Tough Enough but was dropped because he was small and they already have a small guy in that Matt guy who Punk knew. But they must have seen something in him since they had him aboard for WWE 12, voicing Jacob Cass
  4. I'm sure they did, but that was before the DB and Punk success. I'm sure Vince's opinion has probably changed, especially after all the awesome matches Aries has had this year.
  5. Vince doesn't watch TNA, he hardly acknowledges its existence. Possibly that H has an eye on Austin but who knows.
  6. In answer to the thread question damn skippy.

    I don't watch much TNA but Aries is one guy who stands out a lot.
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    I doubt he watched WCW either but he knew about Jericho.
  8. True. I guess that if enough voices backstage tell Vince about Aries he might be keeping an eye on him. But I also think H is doing more of the scouting now right?
  9. DB worked with him a ton in ROH. I wouldn't doubt he's singing his praises to anyone who'll listen.
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    Punk, hopefully too I think he'd have more ears than DB.
  11. I think it would also come down to how Aries is. I read an interview with Roode where he said that Aries was hard to work with backstage. But if WWE could get past any potential diva traits from Aries then I'd see no problem with them signing him if he got the opportunity and chance
  12. I just think he deserves to be seen by more people. When I saw him in ROH I knew it would only be a matter of time before he got another chance at the big time. All I'm saying is if TNA drops the ball with him, hopefully WWE will scoop him up right away. Also, they better not change his name/gimmick. That's one of the things I really like about TNA, they let the guys they bring in keep their names/gimmicks for the most part.
  13. Yeah I doubt he'd be called Austin Aries unless he sells them the rights. Expect to see Charlie Aquarius in a WWE ring though.
  14. Loled!

    :aries: Not happy with that.
  15. Or Austin Sexton. They'd probably allow him to combine two of his old ring names
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    I prefer Sexston Hardcastle, he always had the edge.
  17. You think you know Sexton Hardcastle
  18. Simple deal, AA and Roode would be fucked in WWE. WWE logic caters to people like Sheamus and Big slow, and TNA > wwe for that reason. Most of the "average" sized guys get lost in the rubble. DB isnt doing that well in WWE IMO either, He should be in a championship factor that is worthwhile, while team Hell No is amusing, the tag division deserves people in the spotlight who work well together, not a funny story like the one we have now. again, Just my opinion.
  19. Okay i take back what i said above, only if this is the name he uses for WWE. :dawg:
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    I'm guessing you aren't getting it lol, Google it and you maybe shocked lol. He looks very broody in it.