Do you think the WWE or pro wrestling in general would sadly eventually die off if...

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  1. Vince McMahon and the writing team keep on making more carelessly stupid mistakes on the misuse of their talents(both old and young) and misbookings or do you think that there still may be possible another organization that may become the future WCW/ECW to push the WWE to do great again?

    As some one who grew up following wrestling for a very long time, I'd hate to admit this but it seems as though the WWE(or pro wrestling in general) is at it's absolute worst right now since the New Generation Era(the early years of them at least), if not possibly even slightly worse than that era. It seems as though the TV ratings for nearly all WWE shows(Raw, Smackdown, etc.) have been getting lower and less audiences each year. I mean seriously, how the hell can such a very large creative writing team in the WWE, not be capable of writing a great and compelling story angle for very talented younger wrestlers like Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose(both who should have been pushed already). Those two guys should have been the new WWE champs and main eventers a year or two ago but instead, they've been put on the backburner for other wrestlers who are either not ready for the main event level yet or someone who's an old legendary wrestler that keeps taking the spotlight away from the younger and more deserving talents.
  2. No. Wrestling's existence does not hang on the existence on the WWE. If WWE dies out there will be another company to take its place.
  3. WWE would have to fuck up something amazing, it'd need a Vinny Mac incest/rape/molesting charge and even that would probably would just oust him running the coming in favor of H. With how WWE is ran, nah never. They are adapting well with the shit, even trash shows like Ride along look entertaining thanks to youtube.
  4. ^ What the man above said is correct.

    WWE has spent the past decade building up goodwill, and before that it was firmly established as the top of its industry. For the WWE to die as a company something drastic would have to happen. Because all the stuff that would kill it over time is stuff that they can fix before it actually kills them
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  5. I got one right? I'm a 1%'er, it's how often I get people who really know wrestling to tell me i'm not an idiot!
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  6. Nope. I'd rather not elaborate, since the fellas above have explained it well.
  7. The only thing I could see being a long term threat to the existence of professional wrestling is that as more studies are done on brain injuries and we will find out how prevalent they are in wrestling and it could cause a steep decline in participation or even a response from sponsors who no longer want to be associated with such a dangerous "sport" (not that it has a good reputation to begin with).

    I fear the same thing for football.. years from now when information is abundant on just how terrible the sport is for you how will the league continue to thrive? Hard to imagine either the NFL or WWE not being a powerhouse as things stand in 2016, but I can see a path where a common thread, long term brain injuries caused by the basic, repeated hits to the head in their respective occupations, could begin to crumble the foundation of these two billion dollar industries.

    edit: the thought that WWE's bad booking decisions could somehow kill professional wrestling is just... whew. lol.
  8. Hypothetically wrestlers could just move to a style that doesn't require hits to the head/bumps to the back of the head. But making a style like that entertaining for the masses will be really really tricky. You'd either end up with a roster of Big Show's/Mark Henry's, or a roster of pure ground grapplers
  9. I'm sure they would try, but it doesn't seem like anything that would be successful. I'm not even talking about cutting out huge spots, like you said simple flat back bump is hell on your head when doing it over and over, just think about training when you begin and that is what they are doing all day long (or at least back in the day, I assume starting at that basic level is still the norm today).

    It is like in football.. we all see the huge nasty hits but it is really just in the trenches at the snap of the ball you have OL vs DL basically being involved in mini car crashes every play. They are quickly finding out that most every NFL player they've tested has been positive for CTE... and lots of it. Sneaking suspicion if they started testing wrestlers brains who die that their brains will be CTE mines
  10. The WWE trainees that start from scratch start off in full helmets and pads, to minimize concussions in training. But the routine is still pretty old school (with Regal as one of the folks in charge it is bound to be).

    And like you said, wrestler brains are likely goldmines for CTE research. And moving to a style with less dangerous bumps would be a hell of an undertaking. They managed to remove the chairshot to the head/blood but it took almost a decade. Not to mention that they'd risk losing their current fanbase in order to please a potential new one
  11. Just crazy to think that a little over a decade ago you had things like this:

    and now in 2016 we are contemplating a style to minimize something as basic as a back bump.
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  12. Wrestling caught up to wrestling I guess. The Smackdown six pushed what could be done in the WWE style to its limit. And now two of them are dead, one is retired because if he takes one more bump wrong he ends up in a wheelchair, and one is a husk who sits in a wheelchair between matches depending on how much pain he is in.

    Truly, they sacrificed for our entertainment
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  13. and one of them is Chavo Guerrero
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  14. And then there's Rey. And we all know what happened to his knees
  15. Not at all. Pro wrestling was never really based on how WWE or any other major promotion was doing. Look at 1992-1996 WWE. It was the worst of the worst in terms of WWE, but ECW, Japan and Mexico were booming. Look at the death of WCW and ECW. We got the generation that spawned Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Samoa Joe and Chris Hero. Look at the wrestling industry now. New Japan and AAA are branching out into the United States. More and more indies are getting local/syndicated tv deals. CMLL is on the verge of breaking out of a rutt that started nearly 25 years ago.

    Wrestling, in terms of an industry, has never really died. There's such a demand, that anyone can take the others spot, in the fold. Look at the UK. The greatest wrestling resurrection, ever. Progress and ICW are selling out shows in minutes.

    In conclusion, there's no way wrestling will die. Not any time soon, at least.
  16. Vanilla. Midgets. None of those guys were Y2J, still going an hour at the rumble in oldmanbodymode.

    I watched the Outsiders vs Flair and Piper match today. Please someone tell me Y2J can't go.
  17. I can never see wrestling die off as such, but I definitely agree that the product is by far worse than what it once was. The attitude era was the best era for wrestling and nothing will ever top it. It was a one time thing and they way things are these days in society I don't think we will ever see an even similar product. I think fans have to accept that pro wrestling is going through huge changes and ultimately trying to attract a new audience base for the future as those of us who have been around during the attitude era will never be won over by anything they have to offer again.

    Neither will there ever be a company that will be as big as WWE in the industry and neither will there be any top competition that WCW used to provide. Pro wrestling has too bad a reputation and background for any serious billionaire to come along and build a new empire (having said that if Trump fails for the presidency you never know lol). I think wrestling is seen as a falling empire these days. Largely through a combination of politically correct society putting pressure on the industry and the rise of MMA/UFC where fans have access to real fights on a regular basis which is something that wasn't available in years gone past.

    In my opinion, WWE has gone stale running out of ideas and doesn't seem to be able to adapt to it's new environment. Creative teams struggle to come up with anything that hasn't been seen before and blow fans away. Wrestlers struggle to put on epic matches as most of the stuff in the ring has been seen before as well. I can't help but think that pro wrestling has had it's day and reached it's all time peak and from now on fans will have to put up with a watered down product with wannabe talents that will never reach the heights of the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold, HHH, Taker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, RVD, Hulk Hogan etc etc etc...
  18. Outside of some massive scandal that sends everything crashing down at once, I don't see them dying anytime soon. No matter what we may think of the product, they're still doing just fine from a financial point of view. The company is a well-oiled machine with multiple revenue streams, lucrative television deals for a shit-ton of guaranteed money, sponsors, etc. that keeps bringing them a record number of revenue almost every year (they reported some more record earnings just yesterday: WWE Reports Strong Fourth-Quarter 2015 Results)

    Creative wise, they would only be in danger if they made a large number of creative blunders repeatedly over a long period of time, and those would have to be pretty significant. WCW 1999-2001 pretty much wrote the book on that (or rather someone else did... It's called The Death of WCW.)

    To echo what others are saying, I also believe that a larger awareness of concussions and brain injuries could cause wrestling (and sadly football, boxing, and mixed martial-arts as well) to slowly wither and die eventually. There's probably a far greater chance of that eventually being the death of wrestling as a whole than anything else.
  19. WWE is not wrestling.

    Roman Reigns is
  20. I could definitely see the popularity of wrestling dwindle if the WWE went out of business. Wrestling wouldn't vanish at all, as indies/puro/lucha have big fanbases unrelated to WWE, but I guess there's a couple million people who would just let it go if WWE died and wouldn't look on the internet for a replacement (assuming there is no company near the size of WWE when they die). However, I do think it would take something massive to kill WWE, they just announced a record quarter profit or something, even though their attendance and ratings are slowly going down. As much as WWE's booking made me and a couple of others get away from the product, I doubt it's anything significant considering their new fan income and such.