Does a crowd reaction change a match ending?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by FailFaceFTW, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. Do you guys believe that a negative or positive reaction from a crowd can change a match ending? Do you think that's how it should go? Give some feedback.
  2. No to both. Could you imagine the trouble that could cause mid match? Bret/Shawn would have just gone on forever without anybody ever losing lol. Wrestlers do improvise given the crowd reactions sometimes (well the good ones, unlike Sheamus/Orton last night). I'm sure there was a thread recently where Hulk Hogan was saying he and Rock called the match on the fly as Rock was getting heel reactions as a face and Hulk vice versa.
  3. I would say no, other wise Cena would never win a match again.
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  4. It can change the match itself but not the ending. Going back to the Hogan/Rock example, the match changed organically because of the crowd reaction. Hogan didn't act very "heelish" after the huge cheers for him began, but Rocky still went over.
  5. Yeah what Senhor said, the match can change but the finish doesn't.
  6. Sure it does, sometimes they kick a wrestler... Other times they boo or cheer him but crowd reaction can change a match ending for sure, they can make a wrestler feel bad
  7. No I don't think it should change the ending of a match. The crowd can effect the mood of the match and how the wrestlers preform the more lively crowd seems to make the wrestlers up their game.
  8. No. How would that even happen? Lol
    Would the wrestlers or ref be like "ok so plans have changed.." without consulting Vince or anything? Lol
  9. No, it doesn't affect the match ending.
    As Senhor said though, it can change somethings in the match itself, but not the finish.
  10. No they are for entertainment purposes only and completly unrelevant like cheerleaders are at a football game. Half the time I doubt the wrestlers even hear them.