Does anyone else just not 'get it' with Ambrose?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. This isn't a Shield comparison thread, I don't want to compare him to Rollins or Reigns, two guys I am big fans of.

    But even before he came to WWE I heard a lot about Jon Moxley, and I would look him up and be underwhelmed. Since he's come to WWE he has done the same type of promo for ~18 months now and I haven't really seen one that stood above the rest, I just don't see how people rate him as an elite mic worker. He's supposed to be some sort of sadistic dude, but outside of goofy Heath Ledger rip off facial expressions and goofy mannerisms, nothing even comes close to suggesting he is sadistic. His ring work is fine, but again, it doesn't stand out, it is simply passable.

    I'm not asking for people to try and convince me that Dean is great, I think I'm passed the point of that. he is what he is in my eyes, I'm just wondering if I'm alone in this sentiment or if others share the same "huh?" feeling when people mark for Amrbose.​
  2. A word you used is how I describe him myself.. "Passable"
  3. Count me in. He's not horrible, but not that special IMO
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  4. I get that feeling him with him too, but to be fair he was also overlyhyped by the IWC. They made him seem like a God on the mic, so of course when the time came he wasn't going to be as good as he was hyped. I never really heard any hype from his in ring skill, so I didn't expect much really. Although, maybe when he gets out of the Shield he'll be much better, but I think some of the overhype is to blame.
  5. Yeah, he gets so much hype, yet I don't see any quality coming with that. Definitely the least entertaining of the trio.
  6. Rollins hair has more pop than him being in the mic
  7. He's not performed as well as he can, he's showing inklings in The Shield but nothing breathtaking yet. His speaking ability is excellent ( watch his promos with Regal from FCW) but he's not clicked on the big stage consistently. The most important thing is he's not allowed to stand out currently.
  8. He'll probably be good on his own, but I've never seen the hype behind him in The Shield.
  9. I'm a fan of the guy, I think he's good. Solid B+ material, but yeah probably won't be "TOP HEEL OF THE MODERN ERA" or whatever he's made out to be.
  10. I definitely don't get it. As a massive Ledger/Joker fan, I was very excited after all the comparisons and hype, but then I see him on the mic and in the ring and I'm like...that's it? I even youtubed a bunch of his stuff and still don't get it. I like him for what he is (the guy carrying the US belt) but I definitely can't see what makes him so special. Too goofy. Hopefully he'll shine more when he's on his own.
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  11. I think he's been good. I don't go bat shit crazy over him, but he doesn't bore me either.
  12. I like Ambrose. I think it's just me being a big fan of Ambrose in FCW. I marked for everyone in FCW though. That's why I'm such a huge Maddox fan (Fun Fact: He beat Austin Aries in OVW, I never watched the match. But it's on his Wins) I've always been more of a fan of Ambrose than Rollins for some reason. I think it's just because the fact that Rollins did this whole moshing thing. Ambrose puts his whole character into whatever he does in the ring. You can notice it. Like when Daniel was hitting those kicks tonight and Ambrose still had his fists up. Plus the way Ambrose sold clotheslines in FCW is amazing. Just wait for when Ambrose goes into a huge storyline like Edge vs. Cena. Ambrose could like kidnap Cena's dad and torture him and cut an awesome promo. Ye, I'm just randomly talking at this point.
  13. I think some people just marked their dicks off too hard. The same shit will happen with Generico IMO.
  14. Not even like that. I'm not a faggot that bases my opinions around what others think about a dude.

    I'm talking in a vacuum looking at what I've seen from Ambrose as a performer I genuinely just see a guy who doesn't entertain me with any facet of his performances. it has nothing to go with the hype he received from anyone
  15. lol im not hating on you at all. Im just saying he is overrated in comparison to the other two, especially after the RR. Rollins did RR work like a damn boss (CM made him look amazing with how little he contributed) but at the end of the day I just dont think Ambrose rises far above it TBH. I think he is perfect for the shield and doubt he goes anywhere above where he is now, period.
  16. he shouldn't have been put in a group in the first place.
  17. Overrated just as a lot of people who come from the Indies are.

    -Pretty decent ring work. Nothing spectacular, though.
    -Annoying voice that sounds very un-intimidating.
    -Goofy mannerisms at times in the ring.

    I find him to be the least interesting of The Shield members, personally. Not that I find him bad because I actually do enjoy him, I just don't see him as "OMG, next top heel in wrestling!!1!" material. My general prediction is that he'll make for a fine upper-midcard heel, like a modern day Brian Pillman or a poor man's Jake Roberts, with the occasional main event angle here and there perhaps.

    I'll be fair though and say that once The Shield ends, we'll get to see more of his distinct personality and how he jives with other members on the roster when he's on his own and isn't just representing The Shield. All three members of The Shield are being held back as far as their individual personas go because they're all supposed to be portrayed as a group that has one universal goal or gimmick (which in the beginning was delivering their own twisted form of justice upon anyone they felt deserved it, and now it's being The Authority's henchmen) rather than each standing out completely on their own.