Does anyone remember me? lol!

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Asskicker, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Hey guys! Or at least people that MIGHT remember me from waaaaay back like last year during the road to WM 28, I joined like in February but I've been gone for awhile and stopped watching WWE from time to time, but now that my main studies are out of the way I felt like coming back to catch up on the wrestling I've been missing out on!
  2. Is that your original username?
  3. I was thewindyfan when I joined then I changed it like 2 months before I disappeared from here haha.
  4. OMG your sig 0.0 can't stop looking at it.
  5. Not too sure I remember who you are to be quite honest.
  6. No worries, It's been awhile anyways.
  7. You never got that big on this site.
    I remember you though.
  8. I remember you thewindyfan, didn't you go to an extreme rules paperview? Welcome.
  9. I remember you. :yes:

    Welcome back windy.
  10. You were one of the best users for a while! Welcome back bud
  11. Really glad you came back brother, stick around for a while. Hows everything in chi town?
  12. Hey, it's Asskicker!! :yay: Welcome back, man! Hope you can stick around this time!
  13. Welcome back, I joined here this year's February, but I read you before. Welcome back dude
  14. No but i was not very active here last year,Anyway welcome back.
  15. Welcome back mate, of course we remember you (Xanth doesn't count), how could I forget the Fed-X creative team days :yay:
  16. :hmm: can't remember

    ps. i was lackin
  17. Welcome back dude, I remember you.
  18. Welcome Back, man.
    Hope you stick with us this time :otunga:
  19. Welcome back :otunga:
  20. It's all good, I'm just chilling! Sweet to know lot of people I knew back when I was here still come by!
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