Does NXT need another title?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Mar 24, 2013.

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    NXT currently has two titles on the show. The NXT title and the tag team title. But does it need another?

    Considering the show is only one hour long I don't think a secondary male title, but I'd be perfectly okay with a divas/women's title. The divas division on NXT is actually starting to look pretty solid and having a title for the women to fight for seems logical to me. Then the one's not in the running for the belt can keep working the personal feuds hoping to get a shot at the title down the road, like how the men do it.

    Does NXT need another title?

    What type of title would it be?
  2. If they're going to add one, female belt. No need for another male title.
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  3. It feels like there's barely enough time to feature two titles on one show (although it does prevent overexposure, it's rare that Big E and Gray/Neville both appear on the same show)! Don't add more?

    (Well, a Divas' title wouldn't hurt, I suppose)
  4. It needs a Divas title, as it stands they are doing NOTHING but having great matches with no purpose...
  5. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. That sums it up.
  6. Diva's Title, that's all they'd need to add.
  7. Diva's belt for sure, it's women discrimination if they don't do it
  8. I've always wondered why they didn't make one for the NXT women wrestlers, considering that's who they need to push!
  9. They need to push the Diva's division, true, but can you imagine Emma as the NXT diva's champion? I see her without the belt before she enters the ring LOL
  10. That would be funny, but I think they should call it a Diva's championship, I'd love to see Paige get it though. :ksi:
  11. Paige's the best diva WWE has right now imo. And it's true, it'd be funny but I'd turn of the TV, it's ridiculous the way she dances
  12. Her gimmick is weird :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:, but right now we need weird. I'd love to see Paige on the main roster!
  13. I could bet all my money, my house and everything I've got in this planet that Paige can win Kaitlyn in her first match against her.
  14. They'd probably only do that to push Paige over Kaitlyn, so we can see a change in the Diva's Division.
  15. True but Paige>Kaitlyn imo
  16. Paige & Kaitlyn :ksi:
  17. Paige+Kaitlyn+Layla+A small room with shower= :ksi:
  18. They wouldn't be ready for that xD but I would :ksi:
  19. I'd be ready too. Forgot about the cameras LOL