Does RAW and Smackdown need the brand extension again?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Edvy, Feb 24, 2014.

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    Its just a question thats on my mind that I would like to share and hear your opinions about. Knowing that the last draft was in 2011 with the very dumb john cena getting traded to SD just to get traded again back to RAW dilemma. But I personally liked the brands. It brought out alot of competition in the superstars and Divas. It actually made you look forward to more than just one show. ever since the Brand extension thing ended. RAW has been the only show that really matter, making Smackdown and the rest of the other shows, just highlight reels and rematches. I miss those days alot, but thats just my opinion. Please share your input ^_^
  2. *2011, and I do miss the brand extension, gave more talents opportunities to shine.
  3. It gave everyone in an opportunity. I remember when Raw & Smackdown slowly started merging. I was like NNOOOOOO! because it felt like it was a clusterfuck on Raw when Smackdown superstars were on there.
  4. I love it when there was brand separation, so that SD airtime will only be for the SD guys and vice versa. I loved the drafting too. I agree, hated the last draft.
  5. I loved the split brands, I think they could do wonders with it if they kept it simple these days.
    Would give everybody, especially the multiple numbers of individuals who deserve to be in the spotlight but seem to only find garbage time..
  6. As a kid I hated the brand split, but now it does seem like a good idea.
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