Dolph Ziggler's thoughts on the part time debate

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  1. Ziggler seems like such a chill guy. Every interview he does is great.
  2. Great interview..It seems like punk but he has also a business point of view.
    Punk thinks he has reached the top and nothing can makes him better.He cannot improve .While Dolph thinks that he can improve and reach the top ... And that usually makes the difference between the legends and the superstars.
    He said they are not broking up In a while ..
  3. Great interview and as noted above DZ has a moan but appreciates the business aspect of it. Which is fair enough.
  4. Another good interview. He shines in these. He comes off as a guy who uses the crap going on around him to motivate him to do better, instead of moaning about it and doing nothing. More need to be like him.
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  5. This is the way to react to legends coming back. To compare him to the two other wrestlers who have commented on this recently (Punk and Miz) Punk seems too bitter whilst Miz seems to be a bit too much of a fanboy (but who wouldn't when given the chance to work with Flair?). Dolph seems to be in the perfect middle ground. Both annoyed but positive about it as well as motivated.
  6. How is this different from what Punk said? It pisses him off but he'll admit it's good for business. Hell even Punk said "OK that's the deal I've got to get" as in it's motivating him to improve himself to get that deal.
  7. It honestly must be frustrating for the full timers. I mean, just think about you being at a job, working your ass off 8+ hours a day, and someone comes in, works part time, and gets all the spotlight.

    It would certainly give me the same two responses, that I would be both pissed off at it and also inspired to do what it takes to someday be that person who can be at the top at a part time level.

    I just think it sucks because it takes away from these guys that are trying to work there way up. Most of these part timers have already been through their prime, made their way up, and are established wrestlers. Just unfair to kinda push the rest of the roster in to the dark while these guys come to reclaim their glory days....

    For me, the only exception would be the Undertaker. It's a great 'tradition' to have him appear at WM each year and have someone challenge the streak. Unfortunately, though, with his streak comes predictability, because, as awful as the writers can be, I don't think they are stupid enough to tarnish his streak, so we already basically know the outcome of the match.

    It reminds me of when Hogan first went to TNA and was hiring all his old friends and pushing the younger talent away. There was no need to have these guys, who already made their way up, taking the spotlight. Someday, these younger guys are going to take over (in WWE's case, most of them have), so to focus on guys who were already up there, I never agreed with it. Ratings boost, great, but, if you need to get older guys to get more interest or a boost in the ratings, maybe try to write better storylines. Back then, you didn't need to get big name guys from the past to step in because wrestling was awesome and popular with the current guys.

    Not saying it is BAD to bring back precious wrestling stars, I enjoy it myself. Just don't forget about the current guys.
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  8. My opinion on it is quite simple. If they're huge stars like The Rock and Brock Lesnar, then I'm fine because if you asked me a year before they both returned if I would want them to return, I would have yelled at you for ages shouting :yes:.

    They're both thoroughly entertaining and can be used to propel younger talent to the main event. However, if I knew they were going to be used to be fed to Cena and HHH then I wouldn't have wanted them to return. Rock/Cena needed to happen, but it doesn't need to happen twice at Wrestlemania and then probably a third time at Extreme Rules. Brock/Cena was fine, but the booking of that match wasn't. Brock/HHH is unacceptable.

    I don't think you can compare it with Hogan's rehiring of older talent, because Brock and Rock aren't exactly old and are both in great shape, and are still HUGE draws. They need to be used to make the younger talent become main event guys, and they're simply not doing that, so I can understand why guys like Ziggler & Punk are frustrated. They work a lot of dates and get no credit for good ratings or good buy rates, and then the main spots on the biggest show(s) are taken by guys who aren't putting hours in on house shows etc.

    It's a half and half thing.
  9. Nobody should disagree with having legends on the show, it's making the show more entertaining and more watchable, guys like HHH, Brock, Taker and Rock definitely brings something that no one on the current roster can bring.

    The problem with me is that they shouldn't rely so much on them, The Rock main eventing 3 WMs (yes including WMXXX)) in a row is too much imo, and his spot should be used to put some young talent over,
    Part times coming back for limited appearances is without a doubt good for business, but for them to main event shows and win titles, it's definitely too much imo.
  10. I agree that they can be used to put over, but it's not all that simple. You can't just put a guy in front of The Rock and expect people to buy into said person.
    Besides Punk and Cena (and probably Orton), I don't see anyone who would be able to go up against The Rock and not get buried by the crowd.
  11. Double standards right? The Punk haters are far more annoying than Punk marks now imo.
  12. And same with Brock, the dude is a fucking monster. It would be hard for someone to go up against him and be taken seriously, especially with casuals. The pop he got when he returned was incredible, not only because he was back but because he was going to kill Cena. I doubt the crowd would have reacted the same if it was Ryback, Barrett or anyone else in the ring about to get f5'd. It still be cool, sure, but it wouldn't be "monumental".
  13. I keep hearing about these Punk haters, but how many of them are there really?
    In this forum alone I only know of D'Z and myself. Stopspot, Senhor and a few others who find him annoying still like his work and seem to be subjective and don't just "h8".
    Most forums I see are essentially ALL Punk marks. Lol.
    Not saying there aren't any Punk haters, obviously there are but I don't think it's as widespread as you make it out to be. He's still the IWC darling, probably only second to DB and The Shield.
  14. Think you're new to the IWC. He's in no way shape or form the IWC darling any more. I'm not going to out Punk haters, even though you're a self-confessed one, but they are as bad as Punk marks. Regardless of the number ratio between them, hating on Punk for no reason is the same as overrating Punk or loving him for no reason. In some ways it's worse. If you dislike a performer, then don't involve yourself so heavily with him. You constantly feel the need to enter every Punk thread and hate on him, why? Are you jealous? Does it bother you that he is liked? What is your actual problem? If his fans annoy you, then ignore them, or correct the wrong things they say (if they're actually wrong and not opinions), but disliking a performer because of the fans is immature at best.
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  15. Came in ready to tell @Dolph'sZiggler to just post it in the punk thread :lol1:

    I love the response from DZ, more about him being motivated to be the one fans care about (as opposed to CM's scarcasm about being a 15 day a year worker for more pay)
  16. You have some great points. For me it isn't about him being liked, it's about me enjoying a superstar ready to call people out. At the end of his run it seemed to be ALL he was on stage for, 3 times a raw, recap'd on smackdown, and all preview to the PPV. It ruined the pipebomb for me.

    I was a huge hater, but him taking a break and not being champion will give me a chance to enjoy the character again when he comes back. It's like the opposite of Swag. Punk was winning, bitching, cheating to win, hating, winning by luck, shitting on db, somehow magically pulling off another, and it was almost like a better version of how Orton's RKO works every single match.
  17. I wasn't completely comparing it, I was just saying it kinda reminded me of it. Hogan put the younger guys back in the shadows while his friends were all over the TV. The WWE obviously hasn't gone as far as pushing guys like Ziggler and Punk completely out, however, they are indeed using these part time guys as most of their fuel for the show. What a thrill for current talent to be able to headline the biggest show of the year....instead of basically being thrown behind The yet another snooze of a match between him and Cena.

    Just my opinion, anyway. I like to see different guys get a chance to climb the ladder and make a name for themselves because these are the guys who will be the future when the older guys are finished.
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  18. Eh, not from what I've seen. I guess we're looking at different parts of the internet or something. Or maybe I'm just retarded.

    I actually don't look for his threads and h8, well, unless I just feel like being a dick or feel like "trolololzing". It's not like I lurk around the internet and bash him whenever I get a chance lol. Also, I don't dislike him because of his fans (even though they are annoying as shit), he just doesn't do much for me personally. Never been much of a fan to begin with. His ''pipebombs'' don't get me wet and his matches whilst being good don't have me marking (save a few).
    Not sure if your Q's were directed at me or just in general, but felt like answering 'em anyway.
  19. Oh and I consider myself a "h8r" only because he annoys me more than anything, just like how I'm a Miz, Chavo or Ryback 'h8r'. Doesn't mean I spend a whole lot of time "h8ing" 'em and I do have my reasons, it's not just blind "h8" (not really hate to begin with if we want to get all technical, not like I'm going to murder them).
  20. I agree with you. For most of them it's probably demoralizing, but they have to put up with it because WWE is a machine and a huge global business. The best thing to do is take motivation from it and try harder to impress. It does put more eyes on the product so it does give you a huge chance to grow your fanbase. Imagine how going over Rock or Brock would progress someone's career, yet we have to put up with dream matches and then dream matches rematches.

    Fair enough. I don't care if Punk haters hate him for legitimate reasons, but I don't agree with going into random threads and bashing Punk or his marks for no reason (which I have seen you do). The fact that the guy is so popular shows that he is doing something right imo.
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