Dolph's ex-girlfriend broke up with him because "the sex was too athletic"

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. -ProWrestling.Net with sources in the article
  2. I wonder how well he sold it.
  3. :mog: Sounds like the best sex ever...can she give me his number?
  4. You, girl, should not let go of perfection. GIVE MEH HIS NUMBER AND I'LL GIVE HIM THE TIME OF HIS LIFE IN THE AMUSEMENT PARK.
  5. :ohgod:
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  6. Maybe it's not only after a move that he flops.
  7. thought you were talking about the user dolph's :terry: :burns:
  8. Dolph was to athletic in bed??? WTF
  9. Hahahahahah this is so amazing. I bet he sells ejaculation like a beast.
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  10. :lol1: This is awesome, not much to say.
  11. I bet he shows off his dick to all of his girlfriends. lol someone wanted to "wrassle"
  12. What did you expect ?
  13. If DZ was styling on Amy Schumer think how crazy he went back when be was tapping a Bella
  14. Hell, even I'm interested in sex with Dolph now.


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  15. Probally went like this:
    Bell rings

    Jumps onto the bed and goes into her

    German suplex now going to behind

    Now Belly to belly and lands inside her

    Then a package pin

    then finish with a body splash
  16. Dolph must be an awesome lover in bed
  17. Ask Kelly Kelly.
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  18. It would take her about 3 hours to remember him, rumor has it she organizes them into alphabetical order.
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  19. D is like, not that long