Storyline don't worry dazzle I'm gunna find you!

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  1. *gav the chav appears on the titantron*

    ( Gav the chav) here right you know what right you are al the biggest bunch of useless ****s I've ever met my mate b.dazzle was taken by the order and you all think its funny you fucking cheeky ****s there I am doing my best to try finding him asking you all if you may have seen him but instead of been helpful you for some reason think its fucking hilarious you wouldn't like that if it was your mate would you wrl guess what? You can all fuck off gav don't need you I'll do this shit myself

    now so far I've had no luck finding them or where there hiding place is in fact they've been pretty quiet who knows what kind of sick twisted things there doing to my poor mate b.dazzle but don't worry mate gav coming for you and my expanding my search I will cover every single inch on this planet until I find you my friend fuck the order and fuck all of you you can all carry on fighting over some bullshit belt or whatever whilst I'll be out there looking for my main man b.dazzle doing shit that really matters anyway fuck you lot I'm outta here next stop Disney land hold on dazzle I'm coming to get you peace out bitches!
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