Games Double K.O's & Ringout's.

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  1. It's always a nerve wrecking thing when you're battling your friend on the final round to determine the winner, however it's even more painful when you both get a double K.O at the end of the round. Or perhaps you both fall out of the arena? Post some of your favorite Double KO's & Ringouts Video Game wise, Or even funny videos that you have found resembling this thread topic.

    This thread is also a great way to discuss some fighter games! :)
  2. I had a pretty gnarly double knockout on Soul Caliber 2 for the PS2 one time... that shit was fucked up!! I was kicking my brother's ass while using Kilik and he was Talim and some out while he did a jump attack I had my staff long attack we KOd eachother.. totally wish I had a capture card or some shit back in the day to record it.
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  3. Gotta love SCII, It was defiantly one of the best SC released. They had it on the 360 which i was excited about but i'm not sure i got my hands on it or not.
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  4. I liked SC and SCII the best, but personally I would put SCII above the original; they are damn good fighting games though and have a pretty solid "story" mode for a fighting game IMO.
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  5. I was very disappointed with SCV story. And the character names changing made it ten times more difficult. what'd you think of it?
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