Storyline Double or nothing?

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  1. Natasha Nelson stands backstage with Rita Kendall

    Natasha: I'm Natasha Nelson and I'm here for IWT Extra, with Rita Kendall. So how do you feel after your triumphant win over Aidan Ryan?

    Rita: Well I feel fantastic, obviously. It's another step closer to my sucess and dominance, Ryan was a strong opponent but there is plenty more gas in the tank for the finals.

    Natasha: Next week is IWT's biggest event of the year- IWT Mania, how confident are about going up against Michael? Rita smiles, attempting to hold back a laugh.

    Rita: Is that a serious question? Am I supposed to be scared because Michael got one win... one fluke win in practically forever? We're talking about a man who had to create his own title just to get one. To answer your question, I'm not even remotely worried.

    Natasha: Have you got anything further to add?

    Rita: Actually, I do. Rita turns to look straight into the lense Michael I know you'll be watching this so I have a little proposal for you. In the past when it has come down to defending the FTW title, you've been more than a little cowardly. But now I'm giving you the chance to actually step up and act like the champion that you claim you are. Put your FTW title on the line at ITW Mania when we fight it out for the European title- double or nothing. This is the time for you to finally step up. Without another word Rita stands from her seat and heads towards the maze of corridors

    Uhhh... Rita Kendall there. I've been Natasha Nelson, goodnight.

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  2. Natasha Nelson tracks down Michael sitting backstage. Michael is wearing his brand new #SanctionTheFTW t-shirt.

    Natasha: Michael, I'd like to ask you a few questions.

    Michael: ...

    Natasha: ...Did you hear what Rita Kendal said, and what she challenged you to?

    Michael angrily rips the microphone out of Natasha's hand and stares directly at the camera. He pushes his hair above his face as his face turns a bright red.

    Michael: Yes, I heard everything Rita said. I'm not the slightest bit worried about her. She beat Aiden Ryan, in a fluke. Some of the best have fallen to him, and her one-hit wonder won't carry any weight. Whether or not she wants to admit it or not, her 15 minutes of fame are coming to an end. At IWTMania III, all that will be left of her is fools gold, the only thing she's worth. You want to flick me off as if I'm the dagger to your greatsword? I've had enough of that attitude. I'd happily break your every bone and tear your every muscle by any means necessary. The FTW Championship is right where it belongs, and needs to be. You want the FTW Championship?...No.

    Michael slams the microphone in Natasha's hand.

    Natasha: Judging by your attitude, don't you think accepting and defending the FTW Championship will be the best route?

    Michael: I would love to but the IWT Staff won't let me. They refuse to sanction the only title that carries any meaning in this company. Until then, I'll comply with the rules and glad fully carry this into IWTMania on one shoulder and leave with one, just like it, on the other.

    Michael walks away.
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