Storyline Down but not Out.

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  1. Michael's theme plays for 1 minute before Michael pops up on the titantron. He seems to be in a a large, plain room. No one is in the room, but Michael while his crutch rests on the side of his chair and his neckbrace still around his neck. He begins to tap his foot before a large thud causes Michael to look side to side. He looks straight at the camera with a chilling stare before the camera starts to zoom up to his face. Michael begins to speak while the camera zooms.

    Michael: What was that thud you ask? That thud was the IWT's guts and glory falling in a pit of the unknown and tenuous despondency. I've been sitting here taking dark matches while Fungi is facing Gav the Chav at Night of Champion? I've been sitting here taking matches in some over sea cesspool known as Barcelona while Nick bitches out of the IWT? I've been sitting here with a crushed esophagus while The British Pain and the BWO battle for the tag titles? This is drivel to me, and I don't appreciate the way IWT management has been treating me and The New Generation as of late. I won't even consider jumping over to that ship of BS run by the biggest sack of BS in the IWT's history, Dat Kid. I won't jump over to some nonsense Canadian promotion headed by Senhor Perfect. The saying goes with loyalty comes royalties and the IWT hasn't done shit for me. Oh wait, they did do something to entertain me, and that was stick me on some smelly plane and fly me over to a bull fighting arena to face a crazed maniac who nearly killed me. Any normal person would just take legal action against the homicidal maniac who committed the deed and take action against the overseers with the charges of "Aggravated Battery" and "Attempted Murder" for Mr. Andrew and "Negligence" for IWT Management, but I'm not that kind of man.

    Michael starts to swivel in his chair with a smirk on his face.

    Michael: I don't care who's running this company, whether it be Jonathan or Trip because the simple matter at hand is, I'm sick and tired of the IWT's treatment of it's work horse. I'll be facing Joey Bryant with a crushed esophagus, and I get put in what? Nothing. I've been left empty handed for Night of Champions, and it's bullshit. I've challenged and I've accepted challenges but when it comes to PPV's, no one is willing to put up the cards for a match. Later this week when I face Joey Bryant, I won't just take him to battle, I'll take him to war and I'll put on what a work horse can do with an injury. Call me crazy, but when you're me...the only thing you know IS crazy.

    Michael pauses and takes a deep breath.

    Michael: Rise Up. End All.

    The feed cuts with a split second frame of The New Generation's logo.

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