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    *When You're Evil resounds through the PA System and is met with a massive roar, probably Alias' pop to date. He walks out a few seconds after and salutes the crowd excitedly. He runs down to the ring, a change in style for Alias' entrance. In the ring, he approaches the ropes and does the devil horns in a Matt Hardy-esque manner. He smiles and asks for a mic.*

    Hellooooo IWT Universe! *Crowd pop* You all good? *Crowd pop again* That's.......good I guess. You may be wondering why I am out here, since I was out here recently, making up with........Rhod. *Crowd cheer*
    This time, I am out here for something more serious, something that could ascend my career to new heights....what I am talking about is The Slammys. The event to what the IWT starts 2014 with.
    Apart from the awards I'm expecting to win, I am also looking to fight. A fight. A really good one.
    Is it going to be Ben, asking for a rematch!? Or how about that jerk that's been rumored to sign up with the IWT, Dolph'sZiggler? Maybe even the IWT champ Aids is looking to prove that he can beat me one on one? Anyone who wants to face me, even BEAT me, is more than welcome to come out here and accept this open challenge.....well......except FTJ.
    So, anyone who isn't FTJ, come out here and confront me, try your best to weaken me, because once the match is confirmed, there's no going back, and slowly, you will become Alias' next victim. The reconstruction of Alias will continue....Slammys will be Alias' show. 2014.......will be Alias' year.

    *Alias backs up against the turnbuckle, awaiting someone to respond his open challenge.*

    OOC: Available for anyone to respond, Jono's OK with this BTW.
  2. The lights dim and a harsh, ear piercing static goes off. The titantron begins flashing gray and black dots on it until the static ultimately stops. A camera can be heard being moved around, and the titantron finally displays a room. The camera is still being moved, and is finally positioned on a table. Slowly moving into the picture, Nick sits in a chair and stares into the camera with a cocky smile. He chuckles, and says,

    "No no no Alias. It's not Ben Dover it's not Aids Johnson and it's definitely not FTJ... It's the guy nobody cares about - nobody listens to, hell, nobody even KNOWS."

    "You see, ever since I got locked up in here I've had time to think... and think I have. I've bee watching IWT every time I've been able to, and I saw your terrific bout with Dover. Congratulations, you won."

    Nick adjusts in his seat and slowly nods his head.

    "My buddy Victoria has got some unfinished business in this prison, but I don't. I'm all free, and when I turned on IWT programming and saw your challenge, I just knew I had to answer. I gonna be busting out of this hell and coming right back to IWT... so I'll gladly decimate you as a quick warm up. You claim 2014 will be the year if Alias but really it will be my- no, OUR year. Alias, you've been warned. I'm coming for you."

    The feed cuts out and the lights return to normal.
  3. *Alias scratches his head for a good moment and mutters to himself: "I like this guy, I like this guy." before letting out a chuckle. He picks up the mic.*

    Alias: The man no one knows about, huh? The man no one knows about... I've been meaning to meet you for a while now, and I'm glad we'll finally be meeting. I've taken out a plethora of vital points from your promo backstage. I will eviscerate you as much as you decimate me. I will damage you as much as you hurt me. I know we will try our best to surpass eachother, and that can only make for a fantastic bout.
    You kinda remind me of an old Alias Antonio. Deranged, mentally unstable......crazy. As much as I claim a new Alias is in the IWT, that, by no means, signifies that the old Alias can't be brought back. Whenever I find it necessary, my old deranged, mentally unstable.......crazy self, will be revived.
    Nick, good luck in there kid, I am confident you'll make it here.

    *Alias smirks and subsequently leaves the ring.*