Dr. Adam the Wrestling Catfish

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    *Jwab enters the arena*
    There is an imposter amongst all of you. A man that pretends to be "One of you". This man is a, what is it again that people call him....a "Carrot Top Jabroni". Adam, I have been hired to remove this virus! If I think about it....It's not just me.....It's The Cure. All of you that respect The Cure, now have something to look forward to when I wipe him from existence. They have called him "A Power Hungry Fiend". He is about to get a little more power than he wanted. The power isn't gonna be his. The power will be invested inside my boot when I shove it up his No soul having ass! He thinks that he "runs the place". He doesn't The people here don't care about him. The people here don't want him. The people here....ridicule him. They laugh behind his back. I hope the people see through your stupid fucking lies. You are in british boot camp? Really? You are 12 years old and your balls haven't even dropped yet. You claim to be a wrestler that the first thing you learned was the Fisherman Suplexe. -_- You probably wouldn't learn that til a year in to the fucking training m8. Also you claim to be a "22 year old in Med-School" You think that you are a fucking doctor? He has only one thing going for him. It's extinction.I am going to destroy you Adam. I want you in a match. I don't care when. I don't care where. You better answer. If you are scared to face me then you might as well leave. *smirks* I hope you all are ready. If Adam thinks his tag team partner is going to help him.....he better think again. No one stops us. No one stops the cure. As the great Ryback once said "If you are Superman, that means I'm Kryptonite!" *Raises his voice* I hope you are ready Adam! I will fight all day! All night! You better be wishin' that there is a place I can't reach! But sadly for you I'm everywhere MOTHER FUCKER! And I hope you are looking forward to the ass whoopin' that we have in store for you! *grins* Just be ready "fella".​
    I am going to fucking bury you!
    The Cure = JwabTV, Shadoxity
    If you want in! Just message me.

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  2. What a bully! Do you know that you're cyber-bullying right?

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  3. You got this in the bag
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  4. :goatface:I'm apart of "The Cure"?
  5. Whats up with the Sig Shad?
  6. Adam568 I know you can see this. Answer now or forever seal yourself as the bottom of the ladder of WWEF.
  7. He's calling you out lol, just decline it if you don't want to. It isn't a troll it's a challenge.
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  8. Adam seems to think you guys are trolling him. Whatever you're trying, just stop. The reports are annoying and I don't wanna deal with even more.
    As for Adam, you just have to suck it up sometimes. This post isn't bad from what I see, stop giving others the power to annoy you.
  9. It's IWT. This section is kayfabe. Anyone can call anyone out, right? I don't believe he is trolling you.
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  10. Yep, people call people out and they either accept or decline.
  11. Thank you beautiful sir. JwabTV there you go, thread back open :)
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  12. Adam568 - if you don't want to promo against him just decline it lol or beat him, the choice is yours.
  13. Already declined, Have him ignored now anyway.
  14. Thanks, But I'm guessing I'm not gonna get a match now lol. Where do I go from here? Nobody knows. #TheNextBigThing
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  15. Kill Jwab Kill! #AdamFearsJwab
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  16. Adam is scared. Scared to face his past.
  17. He agreed to a match via Skype.
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