Storyline Dr. Attitude, E.R.A. has arrived!

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    Dr. Attitude, E.R.A walks into the arena with his theme blaring behind him,
    the entire audience is gritting their teeth at the sound of the dentist drill,
    Dr. Attitude maintains a steady grin on his face.
    He gets to the ring and gingerly ascends the metal stairs grabbing a mic from the top step.
    He slowly climbs through the ropes and stands in the center of the ring.

    "Cut the fucking noise.. CUT IT!"
    "All you people out here are afraid aren't you?"

    The Crowd boos fiercely

    "Yeah, I like that, It's almost as beautiful a sound as my drill!"

    He pulls his drill out and pulls the trigger a couple times.

    The Crowd cringes in fear at the noise

    "I am here to fight.. and what am I here to fight for, you ask?"
    "I am here to fight for the Gold... to fight for the pride of fighting... to fight so I can see blood shed!"

    Small pop from the crowd at the mention of blood

    "You people are ruthless aren't you?"
    "I understand... now.. there are a couple people I'd like to call out."

    "First and Foremost, Harriet Vargas!"
    "You're a rookie in IWT just like me.... but I hear you already got a couple wins under your belt."
    "I like competition that has a winning record... I love putting that first number in the 'L' column!"

    " Harriet, I want to challenge you, here in front of these people, to a match."

    The crowd oooohhh's and aaaahhh's

    "I will have no mercy and I will WIN!"
    "If you lose then beware... I like to take a tooth from all of my victims!"

    A lady in the front of the crowd screams "OH MY GAWD!!" and passes out!

    Dr. Attitude reaches under his frock and pulls out an empty chain that is around his neck.

    "This chain is waiting for it's first victim!"

    "Secondly, Aiden Ryan!"

    The Crowd is completely quiet at the sound of Aiden's name

    "Yeah I'm calling out Aiden as well... I heard he was pretty good and I want to beat the best!"

    "I am ready to be challenged... and I am ready to win!"

    "Lastly, I want to put everyone on alert... I am coming for Gold and will accept nothing less."
    "Watch your backs and be wary of your surroundings.. You never know when I might show up."

    Dr. Attitude, E.R.A. places the mic on the mat and walks out of the ring slowly, smiling as his theme comes back on and the crowd starts booing him... he descends the metal stairs and starts laughing maniacally as he walks back up the ramp and disappears backstage.

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  2. OOC: a Debut Match not against me?:yay: i am so thankful Doctor
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  3. Get a match organised and I'll be there with my shovel.
  4. so that's why we haven't seen Joe Jonas recently......she's buried HIM ALIVE!
  5. *Kousaki watches from backstage*
    Kousaki: Future jobber in the makings right here, what else is on TV...

  6. "Look Kousaki... look closer. You are seeing a reflection of yourself in the TV.. that has to be the future jobber that you are speaking of."

    "No, wait.... you are already a current jobber..."

    "I'll make myself known throughout the IWT and when I'm ready to destroy you I'll let you know."

    "Until then keep watching me from backstage... at least that way you won't lose."

    Dr. Attitude laughs maniacally and walks away
  7. Kousaki: I'm a jobber yet I'm 1-0 thus far. This guy makes no sense. Besides, if he wants a match so badly, then he ought to try his luck right here right now. That or he could try to debut at Wrestlemania 2, but oh wait, I don't think the crowd wants him there.

  8. "I'm sorry.. I didn't realize that debut matches against Reagan Cole actually counted."

    OOC: Sorry Reag, no offense.

    "If you really want to lose that bad then set the match up and let's go... I'll allow you to be my first win."

    Dr. Attitude pulls out his empty necklace.

    "Besides my necklace needs some charms.. you have nice white teeth, one of those should do just fine!"

    "Just know that, after I hit you with the Novocaine followed up by the Drill Slam. you were the one who asked for this.. I tried to avoid it to keep your record intact."

    Dr. Attitude walks away laughing maniacally
  9. OOC: no problem everyone else has already done it! :why:
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  10. Kousaki: This guy thinks he's relevant here in IWT. If he only knew. How sad that he wants to keep himself known. Sounds like a typical wannabe creepy guy.
  11. "Are you going to continue running your mouth or are you going to set up our match and prove yourself?"

    "I'm ready, are you?"

    Dr. Attitude laughs in Nero's face
  12. OOC: like the fact the most of the people he has confronted have faced me
  13. OOC: I'm backstage FTR.

    Kousaki: He's still here? And he can apparently hear me, what a surprise. Seems like he wants a match. But I ought to keep him on his feet, see if he's actually worth my time.

  14. "Look, you either want a match or you're full of shit!"

    "I have no time to deal with your childish stalling tactics.. I have other challenges on the table."

    "The next time you address me should be in a match.. or don't talk to me at all!"

    Dr. Attitude turns around and walks away quickly flashing a middle finger salute over his shoulder as he goes.
  15. Kousaki: Yeah I don't see anything in him. Ah well. Future jobber he is.
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