News Dr. Chris Amaann Files Lawsuit Against CM Punk & Colt Cabana

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  1. From what statements were made in this, I'm siding with Dr. Amaann on this one. From day one, I knew for a fact that every single thing "invisible" said was an extravagant amount of bullshit. What goes around, comes around, you piece of shit.
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  2. I couldn't even listen to that podcast of theirs. I tried, but it's so fucking pathetic listening to men older than me carrying on like petulant children.
  3. The podcast itself was insightful. It told Punk's side of the story, disagree or not, which was nice to hear. However, he seemed to be vague on certain things and full of shit. Whenever he would mention WWE docs, Triple H, or Vince, he would usually make mumbling noises and never tell detail as to what they said. Then him taking credit for all these creative idea's, which some of it may be true, being pissed about not being in the main event of Mania, etc., all really leads to him being nothing but a whiny bitch. I understand that he loves wrestling and wants his character to go a certain direction, but Punk seems like the kind of guy where if something doesn't go his way and he feels that he deserves the world, then he will be angry and do whatever it takes to be an asshole to you (WWE), whether you deserve it or not. At first, I understood Punk and why he left and I'm sure he had some good intent when he left....and wanted certain things to happen for certain stars...but, ultimately, he seems like a selfish prick who, really, just wanted himself to be on a huge pedestal. He outsold Cena with some shirts for a while and because of that he feel that not only is he the top dog, but he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

    I love Punk the wrestler, but in every other faculty, he's a fucking idiot. His comments about Ryback seemed to not be true as well as his evaluation of WWE never really know the whole story on things like this, but that interview seemed like Punk was just trying to cover his own ass and make himself look helpless.

    He kept saying, "this isn't a bash about WWE....." yet all the guy fucking talked about was how they were ALL out to get him....he seemed full of shit in so many regards. Again, love Punk the wrestler. Can't stand him now as a person.

    He also mentioned that him leaving helped pushed several guys, DB in particular. Which in that time period, yes that was true. However, DB was so over with the fans, that WWE would've been force to put the title on him at some point....I mean it was bound to happen (hence why we have WWE doing it yet again this year) either later after Mania or hell...they still could've found other ways to throw him in Mania....

    I can't wait to see Punk perform in UFC....I'm sure he'll get his ass kicked. He's older, has no real background, and he's whooped some "fans" asses. Good for him....try fighting someone who has been fighting other MMA fighters or is well versed in MMA. If he faces an opponent who has any clue as to what he's going in MMA, Punk will get his ass kicked. Punk is the kind of guy who is trying to prove something to himself which I think he'll realize that he can't prove: he thinks he can do anything. Even really fight, something he really hasn't done. I wish him luck because he's going to need it.

    As for the topic at hand, I can see why the doctor is suing him. But, Colt shouldn't be getting sued. He was just the broadcaster. Punk ran his fucking mouth like he always does. Colt was just hosting a show.
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  4. Hell yea Doc. Sue his fucking ass all the way back to his mother's ****!
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  5. Sounds about right, Punk buried him pretty bad. Poor Colt is gonna go bankrupt though
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  6. Really don't see the sense in suing Colt Cabana since he had no way of verifying any of Punk's claims, and that certainly isn't a fight the doctor will win. However, if Punk lied or blew something out of proportion to the point where it could get him trouble for slander, then he's pretty much fucked on this one.
  7. I've hardly seen someone catered to more than Punk was. He was given every fuckin thing someone could ever hope for in the WWE and he acts like they totally screwed him at every turn.

    Sue him so bad he has to resort to wrestling in high school gyms. Cocky fuck.
  8. agreed. Punk just needs to go away at this my eyes, he's a wrestling legend....but he needs to be shut up and shut down...he'll want to work with WWE at some point again...just wait...may even take like 5-10 years...and I hope they don't do it....he might have one good match left in him at that point though.
  9. I'm gonna LOL so hard if Punk loses this lawsuit. The guy buried the doc in a pretty bad fashion, now it might bite him in the arse.
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  10. CM Punk vs Samoa Joe.... coming soon to a VFW hall near you!
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  11. I'll wait for him to quit UFC once the green range beats his ass in a real fight. I wonder if punk knows that the out come of these matches are not fixed like in wrestling. We'll hear more "whaaaaa I'm the star I should win and he really hurt me I got a bruise right here"
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  12. Punk's been training daily with one of the Gracies, and I hear he's very intense about it yadda yadda. He's kind of like a cockroach, so I'm guessing he'll actually beat the Green Ranger somehow. He's a real despicable twat, but he you can't keep him down I guess. I am so rooting for the Green Ranger though. Holy hell I am rooting for him like a mofo. I would flip my shit if he came out all wearing his Green Ranger gear to the Power Rangers theme song.

    "Yeah CM Punk, we know you've got daddy issues. Wahhh wahh... who's your daddy now, bitch?!" right before knocking his teeth out. That's not reality though lol, that's me doing ridiculous fantasy booking for a shoot fight.
  13. The lights go out and we hear someone shout "It was the Shield!" over and over again and the lights come back on and see the ranger out in the middle of the ring and punk standing there foot on his chest? Though I think it would be funnier if he got the guy up for the GTS and then got smashed in his face with an elbow for real the ranger screaming "This is real girl, no laying there and making you look good."
  14. Funny.

    Yeah Jason Frank has a fuckton of credibility in regards to karate. Looking at his record, he's won some fights via submission too so he's not 1-dimensional in that regard. I would be worried if he had a pure striking background going up against Punk's jiujitsu.
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  15. LOL Punk acting like it's the Zapruder footage.
  16. The one thing that crosses my mind is "why?". It's so weird that punk would lie about something so easily verifiable. It's no like his other fisherman's tales, where he could just make shit up and we would never be sure if it was true or not.
  17. If cm punk beats the green ranger.... I'll eat your shit.
  18. No you won't.
  19. Punk does not have a fight announced. I seriously doubt it winds up being Jason David Frank
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