Storyline DRAGON Rises Again

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  1. [On a pitch black screen, we see red strokes for a Japanese symbol. More and more and more strokes appear, forming more and more symbols, looking as if they form sentences as a drum can be heard being pounded on.


    A Japanese woman can be heard reading the words in Japanese. She finishes speaking and eventually the words transform into English.

    The Great Dragon will rise once more. For where he has failed, he has learned the errors of his way. He has changed. He has bettered himself. The King of Juniors is here.

    A man with a thick Japanese accent can be heard, reading the words displayed on the screen in English. As the man finishes, the screen fades into a mask Japanese man's face. He begins speaking in near perfect English with a thick Japanese accent.]


    "The Great Dragon"
    DRAGON Michinoku,
    The King of the Japanese Juniors.

    [After a brief pause, DRAGON Michinoku begins to speak.]

    Given the recent departure of the man they called Aaron Sloane, a man is missing from the up and coming X-Division Title Tournament. I have traveled from my homeland of the Rising Sun back here to the United States, taking up the vacant spot. As a man who has won many World Junior Heavyweight Championships, World Junior Tag Team Championships, X-Division Championships, Light Heavyweight Championships, Cruiserweight Championships, Winner of New Grappling Association Japan's Best Super Juniors 96, 98 and 2003 and multiple Best Junior winner of the most renowned Wrestling Magazine, Wrestling Insider Magazine, and many 5 stars Junior matches since my debut, nearly 20 years ago, in 1995.

    I have earned myself the right to call myself the King of the Japanese Juniors and no one can question that anymore. Because the men that have questioned it, have felt the pain of the Burning Dragon Driver or Corkscrew Dragon Senton or tapped out to the Twisting Dragon's Tail. All of the greatest men and in some special cases, women, have challenged my abilities and driven me to be my absolute best...and I stand before you today, wrestling fans, still King, still The Great Dragon.

    The upcoming X-Division tournament is going to end up another trophy in the 3rd trophy cabinet, why 3rd? because I have filled 2 cabinets already. The X-Division trophy is another trophy for the cabinet, another Belt over shoulder, another accomplishment added onto my already very, very long list.

    The last time I was in a ring...I made a critical error...and I lost, I lost everything I had. I was apart of the biggest company in Japan, Burning Hammer Wrestling. I lost everything through a critical error. That very error burnt me, and The Great Dragon fell to ashes. I was dead. But, I saw, I saw through the light and I broke on through to the other side and from the ashes The Great Dragon Rises Again.

    To whoever my opponents are...
    You have entered the Dragon's Pit...
    and I haven't eaten in years...
    and I'm Hungry.

    [The screen fades to black and then cuts to a montage.]

    [At the end of the video, the words appear:
    The Dragon Rises...Again.]
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