Dragon Rising

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  1. *Vítor Mata comes out. The crowd absolutely berating him, but he just keeps walking towards the ring.*

    Vítor Mata: Thank you for that kind reception I just got. I'm not out here to talk about any of you idoits.

    *The Crowd boos louder, and chant "Fuck You"*

    I'm here to talk about the next IWT PPV Dragon Rising. As now I don't have any opponent, but that's about to change right now. I know all you palermas in the back are too assustada to come out here and stand face to face with the Pride of Portugal, because of this in will put up 100,000€ of my own money if the person beats me. I'm waiting.

    *Vítor Mata waits for his challenge to be accepted*
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  2. *Vítor Mata begins to pace back and forth in anger, and while doing this he puts the mic up to his mouth*

    Vítor Mata: A sério, no one in the locker room has the balls to step up to me! Fine I'll raise the money that's up for grabs, 250,000€. That's right, that's 250,000€ if you didn't hear me. If you beat me you get the money, if don't then no money. Don't keep me waiting.

    *Vítor Mata waits some more*

    OOC: @Roadster If no one answers then just name an opponent for me I guess.
  3. *Buster Gates' music hits. The man has yet to debut on the show. Reginald, his butler appears on the stage with a microphone in hand.*
    Reginald: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and you too, Vitor Mata. Mr Gates unfortunately is not available to come out here himself right now, but he accepts your challenge. Mr Gates however does not need the money you are offering. That being said, he isn't stupid. If you're giving away money so easily as you are, he will take it. Good luck to you, Buster will be seeing you soon.
    *With that, Reginald returns backstage.*
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  4. *Vítor has that "finally" look on his face and begins to speak*

    Vítor Mata: Finally, something musters their balls together to come out and accept my challenge. Actually I can't even say that, because Buster whatever his last name is, sent his lackey to do it for him. Ouça cara, that's fine if you don't accept my money, because you don't deserve it and you weren't going to get it either. I mean let's face it you beating me is just like pigs flying, it's not going to happen.

    *Mata puts the mic on the floor and walks backstage while his music plays*