Basketball Draineman uglad bro!? Awesome.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Aids Johnson, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. I'd trade in any National, International, Interstellar, Inter galactic, Inter Universal Championship for Frank.
  2. I tried watching that game last night. holy fuck college basketball is LQ. Unwatchable shit
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  3. I don't really care for basketball in general, but it's pretty awesome seeing us go to the Championship mang.
  4. I feel ya homie. I don't like baseball but if the A's are in the playoffs I find it bearable
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  5. The best part - got to watch it as part of my buddies wedding reception. 80% of everyone there were all around tables watching on the projector, I could see it from the bar easy.
  6. lol now that is a classy wedding reception.

    were you all drinking Keystone?
  7. haha mich golden and coors were the taps, but I was dropping Jameson. It was best case, honestly. The wedding itself took under 30 minutes.
  8. Not bad. You bang any bridesmaids?
  9. I had already had 25% of the maids on stage, as my buddy so politely pointed out. I stayed out of trouble this one, pretty damn proud of myself. It was essentially two crews ive known for years joining together, the only unknown factor is miss Iowa, and i'm certainly not qualified there.

    On a positive, one of the groomsmen had an entire bottle of wild turkey before dinner even was served, that was entertainment for the whole family.
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  10. My main reason for not being completely into College Basketball until the Tournament and this still is a problem in the Tournament but the 35 second shot clock is soo lame and ez mode.
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  11. wisconsin defeats ut's biggest, most hated rival and wipes them from a nc/unbeaten season = drain/rain/snow so mad. #aidslogic
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  12. Tonight the whole nation is rooting for the Badgers. Enjoy it while it lasts. :letroll:

    It looked like you were inferring it was about to end. They are the University of Texas' biggest, most hated rival? Big deal.
  13. Nobody here is talkin' about that knockoff garbo from down under that @Wacokid27 marks so hard for. THE REAL UT!!! :pipebomb:
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  14. man this is like watching @Danielson try to talk a bunch of trash to @GrammarNazi82 about OSU beating Alabama in football and it would be just as big of a disaster as this is. :kratos:

    Fear the Kratos smiley as this turns into one LQ crapfest.

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    although that is a really epic meme in the OP. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  15. wait this was supposed to be a POSITIVE thread? From Aids? :dafuq:

    I'm so confused.

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  16. Big10 boys beer bred cornfed