Storyline Draven, Dazzle, Unknown; The men in the way of Sir Lee's eventual crowning glory.....

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  1. *Sir Lee stands in the middle of a city centre; he is wearing is trademark blue suit, showing support towards the Conservative party. Everyone walks on by, doing their daily shopping, paying no attention to Sir Lee, stood looking into the lens from across the street, a typical distance for the video Sir Lee was about to film, Sir Lee quickly looks about, seeing people holding materialistic goods in their hand, credit cards in the other, Sir Lee looks back at the camera with a smile so sweet, it would give you Type-2 Diabetes. The camera rolls...*

    Sir Lee: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, It is Sir Lee here again. This time, I come to you speaking directly about my ongoing situation in IWT; Namely, the IC Championship bout I am scheduled to have this month at the Royal Rumble PPV; Which will be available via THE IWT NETWORK!!! Go and buy it, the profits made by the IWT chairman will do wonders for our fragile yet salvageable economy!

    *Sir Lee makes a cold, condescending smile towards the camera*

    Sir Lee: This match.....Will be the moment......I show the IWT that I'm business! That porn-star shtick was all a mirage, and the same could be said for that shoddy Ministry of Darkness rubbish I aligned myself to....

    When I was 18......I met Sir Alan Sugar in London while on break from an apprenticeship, he was in a mood, something regarding Tottenham HotSpurs LTD., he told about life and how you play it, the money, the capital, the fame, it all ads up to your final score. I knew I had to play it unorthodox, throw off all my competitors in this sick, twisted cesspool that we inhabit. Its worked so far, and my little pornographic career earned me so much capital you people would regurgitate pondering it. For the people that are loved in the porn industry, who are top of the chain, you're getting Neil Patrick Harris money! Its the same in the IWT, you're at the top, life is marvellous, Victoria and Aids are top of the chain, no matter what, they never get torn from it, just playing hot potato with that belt, like when two leading corporations monopolise an industry for the two of them, working in unison as the rest clawing for their chances are spat on and left starved, hungry for success but never fed.


    *Everyone in the area turns towards Sir Lee, he turns back, with a vindictive, goosebump prompting expression, everyone looks away in terror*
    Sir Lee: For now though....I will go into the Rumble, first take that gorgeous gold from that nameless coward!! I will send Dazzle to hospital permanently, he will stuck watching his man crush lose the WM 17 main event in a crappy hospital bed forever, I guarantee!!!! When Draven finally comes out of his stupid hibernation, I will put him straight into a coma, so he might as well stay there and not come to the match! Ain't like he cares enough to come and confront me, or Unknown...or even Dazzle!

    Just like Capitalism, I take no prisoners, I will be fast enough to ruthlessly and immediately destroy the stupid and the weak! That Sour Kraut I PARALYSED LAST WEDNESDAY WILL TELL YOU THIS!! I WOULD TELL YOU TO ASK HIM BUT HIS COMA MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    Sir Lee: And Dazzle, in case you think I'm joking, you're buddy Gavin will be my practise, see me tear his body like CEO's tear the dreams of young aspiring businessmen everyday!

    Both my opponents, AND THE ENTIRE IWT LOCKER ROOM...should be very careful.....I'm in a state of mind you will not like or want to be around..

    *Sir Lee walks closer to the camera, he eventually headbuttsit, a trail of crimson liquid travels through the crack in the lens, before the feed eventually cuts. You hear Sir Lee shout "WHAT A RUUUUUSH!!!"
  2. *B.Dazzle's reaction watching from his hospital room.*

  3. Why is Mark Henry at the hospital with you?
  4. We're pretty close friends.
  5. No shit, he is like a foot away from you.
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  6. Laughed harder than I should of.
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