Storyline Draven's redemption.

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  1. *Eric Draven walks through the crowd and into the ring, he's wearing a grey hoodie with the hood up. As he jumps the barricade he takes the hood down and asks for microphone. He takes one from the ringside announcer before sliding into the ring. The crowd offers him a pop and welcome back chants*

    Announcer 1: Well Draven promised he'd show up eventually, it's been a month since he lost his intercontinental title in a one side beatdown by B Dazzle.

    Announcer 2: Many people loathed him for a while but no one can doubt his accomplishments, world champion, IWT champion and Intercontinental champion. Draven has held a lot of the gold.

    Draven: Before I start I'd like to thank the network for giving me this time on their show. I'd like to thank Jonathan...

    *Crowd begin to boo*

    Draven smiles before signalling to the crowd to quieten down.

    Draven : Whilst we may have had our differences and our alliances in the past, Jonathan has given me a shot to say my piece in front of you all so I'm thankful of him for that. I'd also like to thank all the great members of the IWT universe who showed up tonight and have decided to share their love tonight.

    * The crowd pop*

    Draven : Thank you for that, I know I don't deserve it. I know the last time I showed up in this ring I... I was a disgrace I was messed up. I had a match with a guy who we'll all look up to for a long time in the future, B Dazzle you're a hell of a champion and I'm sorry for letting you down by not giving you the match you deserve. I walked into the lockerroom today and the doubt the disgust everyone showed me ... it cut through me but the worst thing is it was all deserved. So I took myself into the parking lot and I aired my grievances to them about not getting my shot and now ... now I regret it. It's not my place to be annoyed, people have tried to put me into the spot to be the main event talent that I know I am the one everyone else knows I am.

    *The crowd pop again, welcome back chants begin to fill the arena.*

    Draven : I'm not looking to run away from what happened at Survivor Series. I hit rock bottom that night. I can't expect anyone to forgive me not a single one of the guys in the back who work their fingers to the bone night and day to put on a show or the people in this arena. All I can do is ask, ask for the support of the team who's been with me through it all. Ask for the people who've kept me safe from myself.

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    *The lights transition into a shade of dark purple, and All Along the Watchtower reverberates throughout the arena*

    *Andrew walks out onto the stage, and looks around at the crowd. He's wearing a black Misfits hoodie, and some black gym shorts. He makes his way to the ringside, grabs a mic, gets into the ring, and stands in front of Eric*
    Announcer 1: Woah, the last time we seen Andrew he walked out of the company a couple of months ago.

    Announcer 2: It's definitely been quite some time, I wonder why he's back, and why he has decided to come out at this time.

    "The crowd is un-decisive if they should cheer or boo, so there's a mix of both"
    Andrew: Man, it sure has been a while. You know Eric, you and I are a lot alike. The first time I was here in this company I was downright disgraceful. Let's see, I aligned myself with Kid, the co-General Manager at the time, and I used him to get anything I want. I eventually used him to the point where I got the now retired World title handed to me. I got it from someone whom was injured, and was unable to compete. That man, that man was you Eric. Back then I thought there was nothing wrong with doing anything it takes to get the main gold, but I was wrong. I regret what I did, and I regret what I took from you, and I'm sorry man.

    "The crowd gives up a small pop"
    Andrew: I'd like to start over, and to start fresh. Whether or not you choose to accept my apology is up to you, but I'll support you either way man. Like you said, you're not alone on this, you have us, you have all of us.

    *Andrew holds out his hand, and gestures for a handshake*
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