Kayfabe Dream and Hope for Gold.

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  1. *Out walks Chris Young dressed in Jeans ,Hi-Top Converses, A Paramore shirt and over that is an N7 leather jacket .
    Chris walks outs with a very annoyed but hopeful look on his face and walking with a slight limp, But he does a side to side hop before entering the ring and Chris does a lap around the ring MMA style like he is preparing for a fight and not a match.
    Chris is handed a mic, He checks it and begins to speak.*

    Chris: You Know, I fought all over the world and I owned Japan my matches with The Stormmaker will be talked about for years and now that I’m here I’m ready to do it again.
    Those 3 guys Think they have a chance in hell at beating me, You guys better make damn sure that you bring his A-Game, No he needs to bring an S-Rank level game to our match to beat me.
    I’m The Amazing One and no man has outshined me in a match and no one ever will!
    Now I will make it my show.
    I Know my time is now and no one will dethrone me, I bleed wrestling, I bleed this biz and no one can take this from me, I do this because I love it and I will fight till my last breath to show these punks my way of being amazing.
    I’m the best and the must-see guy here and I swear to god that we will beat the respect of the Neo-Japan dojo and the honor of Elite Wrestling into everyone who stands in our way, I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what you have done, It will never hold up to us, No matter how talented you are, there is almost always somebody who can do something better than you, But I don’t try to be “Good” or “Better” I’m just amazing .

    Chris Wals around the ring taking in the mixed response of the crowd and nods and gives a smirk to the camera.*

    Chris: I have faced all of these men before and I must say none of them are great their good but not great.
    The only guy I would have trouble with would Mr.Vega and now that I went into hell and saw despair, I now see my hope in this match and my dreams of gold and visions of silver will come true.
    Andersen Vega, Rhys Haze ,and Tony Stark I hope you guys can forgive me when I drive your skulls into the mat.
    It's going to be amazing.

    *Chris leaves the ring and jogs backstage*
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