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  1. Anyone have to interesting dreams they want to talk about.Now besides the regular dream, with an especially hot Diva or Knockout, their are two dreams that I wanna talk about.The first one, came right after I saw ''Paranormal activity'' the movie.Now I can sometimes be a sucker with horror flicks, and this movie had me thinking, as I laid down on the floor..floor why you ask? I lived in a Motel with my family for 4 years, so that cremete floor hurt like hell.Now, it had me thinking, what was real...what was fake?Paranormal activity 1 movie, was it an over done told story of what happened to the male and female in the movie.Going to bed, with negative thoughts is never a good thing, but my dream, took place in a huge house.Many rooms, and I remember looking around, and seeing my whole family.I saw my immediate family, and my Mom's family.The House started to catch on fire, and you see people in my family screaming, and my family stuck together, and got outta the house, together.As for my Mom's family..they went their own way, trying to be leaders in the burning House, and they didn't make it.I woke up, with my heart beat pounding like a Earthquake, as I told that dream as, don't let your family fall apart.I have a wrist band I wear everyday, and it says ''life is a team sport''.You go through life hard times, with the support of your family..the problem is, my family is apart.I have two brothers..younger brothers who are not doing the right thing, one has a weed problem..and pill problem..and the other is using ecstasy at clubs in New York.I fear one of them, will die from it..but they need to find their own path.

    Now for the second dream, which I have at least one a year.Now as a kid, we moved way to much..every three years up to where I was 13 years ago.When we lived in Newark..man I loved it.I would wake up and be outside at 7 am, ready to play something.Football, Basketball, Baseball..it didn't matter, I had at least 30 friends in the neighborhood, knocking on my door, asking my Mom ''can Jose come out and play''.I loved that neighborhood, and I changed as a person when we moved from there, as I was 13 years old.I became an person who would stay inside more,and be to myself.I didn't like the neighborhood we moved too, majority of the kids were either starting or doing drugs, so my friends from school, were far from me.I remember leaving, and my two my best friends giving things to remember them.One gave me a Basketball, in which we played together every morning.He was Puerto Rican like me, but he was half African American.His Father and my Mother were best friends growing up.I remember walking down the street the first week we lived there, and I heard Spanish music.He came out to play on his hoop, and I introduce myself, and I he said his last name was Prado.I told my Mom, and she knew who it was like that.We were friends ever since.Now my second best friend..man we went to the Pokemon League together every Saturday when we were kids, he got me into Dragon Ball Z, everything I still love today.In the dream I go back in time, and see myself a kid, being an Adult now.Scary and interesting, but I go one of my friend's door, and knock..and I always wake up.I take that dream, as I want to go back to see my friends, and see how they change.Crazy dreams right?
  2. Pretty weird. Dreams fascinate me personally, and I really want to learn the art of lucid dreaming. I actually had a lucid dream last night, but I woke myself up pretty quickly after realising it was lucid. I had about 4 seconds or so of flying though which was awesome.
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  3. I have dreams that Kaitlyn's making love to me.... is that weird?
  4. That's just good luck.
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  5. Nah I have a dream once a week with Mickie lol.
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  6. I have had dreams about Maryse, Mickie, AJ and Kaitlyn making love to me.... Fuck, what the hell is wrong with me?!
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  7. LUCKY! Mine tend to be being ran over by fucking trains.
  8. I am so sorry for your many deaths, good sir from Cornwall!
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  9. Wrong? Everything about that dream seems right.

    As for me, I usually can't recall my dreams but the ones I do, I'm always back in school and it's the last year in school and usually about May (the month school always ended where I'm from) and I'm just trying to talk my mother into letting me quit. In the dream, my grades are bad and I'm gonna fail anyway so why not. When I was a kid, I used to dream about zombies a lot. I'd be running the streets in the town where I lived, except there wasn't a soul in the entire town except for me and the zombies who were there to keep me company. I actually miss having nightmares like that. My dreams nowadays (school or otherwise) are pretty boring.
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  10. Funny enough I very rarely have dreams of a supernatural nature. Always dreams about what's currently relevant in my life e.g. Exams

    My favourite dream this year was actually 10 days ago; me and my friend had won a competition to go see Barry Town FC play Ajax in the Europa League final. TJ Nagi won the match for Barry Town in the 94th minute after scoring a chipped goal from 30 yards after nutmegging 6 of Ajax's players.

    It was so magical until I was woken by my i-Pods twitter notifications, informing me that Barry's hopes of staying alive were minimal :upset: A painfully ironic dream.
  11. I dreamed I was running away from a giant LEGO Batman. Scary stuff.
  12. I always dream about a world where only people who deserve it are able to live with us, but that won't happen :sad:
  13. I get sleep paralysis quite often. Shit's intense.
  14. I hear Xanth's getting a ninety five pound mole taken off his ass.
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  15. Crayo told me about this.
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