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  1. On last night's (2/20/2015) episode of TNA Impact we saw a couple of interesting things happen, Mickie James returning, Tommy Dreamer having a match with Eric Young, Kurt Angle not standing tall over the entire BDC, which a lot thought may happen.. another thing we saw was the debut of Drew Galloway, Drew made his start in the ring by involving himself in a post-match segment between the BDC and Grado/Al Snow whom were beaten down by the BDC after Grado and Al Snow had their match at the end of which was a handshake between both.. Drew struck Low Ki over the head with what appeared to be a metal bar, Ki laid their with his head busted open and pouring blood.

    After that I would so like to see Galloway starting his TNA run off with a bang by overcoming Low Ki to win the X-Division title right off the bat.

    What'd you all think of his small debut? and where do you think he goes from here in TNA?
  2. @Stopspot so far so good, right?

    Mickie is back, man I am juiced on this.
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    I have about zero faith in this being good for Drew in the long run. If he makes it work, great. But historically speaking TNA has a tendency of taking a hot commodity and turning it into "just another guy on the roster" with few exceptions.

    And I am going to sound like a hater here. But judging by that youtube clip that was a weak debut.
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    The debut of Galloway was a total lackluster. I hope to see something cool from him in the coming weeks, though.
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  5. I'll say it was definitely short and all however but standing up against the BDC and the X-Division champ especially by making a save right out of the gate is a decent impact I suppose.
  6. Talkin' about impact, that was a real nasty impact to Low Ki's skull.
  7. Execution was shoddy as fuck.

    Instead of it being "OH SHIT IT'S DREW GALLOWAY! LEG IT!" We got "Woah hey! There's a dude with a pipe here, watch it!"

    Crowd didn't even pop that well.
  8. Crowd reaction was kinda meh, but I continue to hope TNA does something good with Galloway. I've been a fan of his since before his WWE days when he was delivering quality matches with Sheamus O'Shaughnessy.

  9. Watched the full episode. Very meh over all and Galloway got a very spare change type of debut. I rank Matthews reaction up there with Grisham's reaction when Christian returned to the WWE.

    "Hey....That's Drew Galloway."
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