Drew McIntyre leaving WWE soon?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Aug 6, 2012.

  2. Not surprised, thought he left already tbh.
  3. :(( I like Drew.... :((
  4. First reaction: "Good. Get him away from this ridiculous creative team and let the guy be the star he SHOULD be somewhere else!"

    Second reaction: "And... where would that be? He's not talented enough for TNA to pick him up in anything more than in a random tag team, the indie feds wouldn't find much use for the guy... Maybe AAA or Ring Ka King, if that kicks off again?"
  5. :downer: He's still 27. Why aren't they using him? If it's because he got no reactions OK (didn't stop them from giving Del Rio world titles, Rumbles and etc) but if it's just because of that Tiffany crap I'm pissed.
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  6. Can't blame him, he's got bags of talent but once again WWE would rather push Big Show.
  7. Exactly, that's why he got depushed. He got heat when he got the mic.
  8. I agree. This is saddening
  9. When Drew debuted as "The Chosen One" I thought he had bags of potential, (He still does). WWE is just wasting good talent.
  10. sigh. what are you doing wwe.
  12. Well he was chosen by Vince, ultimately he's going to get buried the fuck out by Vince.
  13. Drew Galloway, future (and the first Scottish) TNA Worlds Heavyweight Champion!!!!

  14. obligatory 'what's drew galloway doing in the impact zone' post
  15. Sounds like B.S.
  16. Drew should just leave. He is still young, and if WWE is just going to treat him like this then he should go somewhere else. All they're going to do is waste his time if they keep doing this to him. He is talented in the ring and deserves some television time, him and Jack Swagger should either get pushed, or they can leave to go to a company that'll treat them better. Good luck for Drew whatever he chooses, I'll still be a fan no matter where he goes.
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  17. Preferably Drew can get a main event spot on Main Event when it starts this fall.
  18. Yeah, I've been wondering how this show will be, midcarders could get some good time there for sure.
  19. Drew is as dull as dishwater
  20. I honestly don't see Drew as main event material. He's a great aggressive heel but he needs a good story or something around him, perhaps Vickie beside him. He's God awful on the mic as a heel.