Drew McIntyre

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  1. [size=xx-small]I don't even know what Roster he's associated with he's treated so bad, so I decided to place it here.[/size]

    IDrew McIntyre, was once seen as a future World Heavyweight Champion but now wrestles on Superstars and NXT every other week.
    When he debuted in 2009, he wasn't really the most exciting superstar and couldn't draw heat that well IMO, some say that even his 5 month IC reign didn't help either. But once he lost the IC title most people thought he would progress to the Main-Event scene, But this never happened.

    Drew has been underused for around a good two years now, and I personally think he should be competing on either Raw or Smackdown weekly.

    Triple H is apparently high on McIntyre, and still believes him to be a future star. So I guess this is some good news.

    But my question to you guys is;

    What are your thoughts on McIntyre?, How would you bring him back?, and do you believe he could be a future WHC?
  2. The 5-month IC reign helped imo, with his feud with Teddy/Hardy/Kofi he really looked like a sadistic son of a bitch and SHOULD HAVE won MITB 2010 over Swagger. Apparently the original plan was to do so, but they changed their plans to give him another year to try to get over, then got a bunch of backstage heat from a IRL feud with his psycho bitch of a wife (Taryn Terrell), jobbed to Baretta and has never been seen since.

    He's a solid worker, he's got the main-event look and a ton of charisma, he can get heat when he gets the mic and enough time in the ring to work a good heel style. Why WWE doesn't grow up and stop ruining the careers of young guys who can be big draws for them over stupid shit defies logic.
  3. I thought Vince was high on McIntyre, not HHH?
  4. Reports stated Triple H was high on two superstars. Michael McGillicutty and Drew McIntyre. :otunga:
  5. Okay okay, I was just wondering.
  6. I like him. He is a good worker and has the look, he's got lots of potential, but because of some backstage problems he's in the doghouse... he's being wasted for now, although since he's only 25, there's still time.
  7. It's okay. :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Anyways, I never really liked him.
  9. Yeah, he was in the dog house something regarding his wife. Sounds like backstage BS to me. and he's 27 BTW, but still plenty of time.
  10. 27 huh. I never know their ages, just loosely. :haha:

    But yeah, I hope he's not 100% wasted.
  11. I'm sure if WWE wanted to the could bring him back in a pretty good way. They booked his as constantly losing for months and months, but he's been away so long now. So just book him as completely destroying people with aggressive manoeuvres.
  12. That's an option. There are many ways to work with him... maybe they're doing the same thing they're doing with Joe Hennig, waiting to repackage him or for an opportunity to put him on the roster effectively.
  13. I suppose that's right, When you look a McGillicutty and McIntyre they could even debut on the roster as a heel tag-team. There are many ways WWE could do it.
  14. For sure. Looking at the bright side, at least WWE isn't rushing them into the roster and shoving them down our throats.
  15. I agree, I think Triple H said he doesn't want anyone debuting on the roster without a Storyline in place.
  16. Yes, he did. Which is great. Remember Darren Young when he left Nexus? So, neither do I. :haha:

    When people debut and sit around without storylines... it's not a good thing.
  17. I suppose it's better for the business, and I guess that's the only reason we haven't seen Dean Ambrose yet.
  18. Yes, they're probably waiting for the perfect, perfect opportunity to debut him... I just hope they don't take too long.
  20. Drew should of been champion by now but Vince has screwed him over